Gunsafe Rolls Out A Kid-Safe And Crook-Proof Gun Cabinet

Gunsafe Rolls Out A Kid-Safe And Crook-Proof Gun Cabinet

ARTHUR, Ill. — -( According to the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms, more than 40 percent of American adults own firearms. The four million more they buy each year add to growing concerns about theft and child tampering.

A small company in Arthur, Ill. offers an unusual solution to the problem.

GunSafe makes custom hardwood cabinets that let owners enjoy the beauty of their favorite guns while greatly reducing the fear that burglars and children will have access to them.

GunSafe cabinets are handcrafted by Amish Craftsmen

Special dimple-key door locks are virtually unpickable. The cabinets feature two steel bars encased in fittings of rectangular hardwood to make theft or tampering unlikely. The same door key unlocks the removable top bar and fits a steel safe in the cabinet base.

The guns remain safely locked even if someone breaks the door glass. Disassembly of any firearm is not possible, thanks to a clear panel of polycarbonate that spans the cabinet’s lower section.

Finger-tap lighting features allow owners to create mood or spotlight their gun collection.

Said William Schlabach, GunSafe’s owner, “Most of our customers want to make a personal statement; after all, the guns they own say a lot about their personality and taste.”

GunSafe custom-builds its cabinets according to supplied specifications. The company will also suggest designs and amenities.

“Like a precious work of art, many gun owners want their possessions out to view and enjoy,” Schlabach said. “They can’t do that if they’re tucked away in a steel safe. Our goal is to let people admire their guns while making them as safe and secure as possible.”

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