Loading Magazines from Stripper Clips? LULA Strip Clip Loader Helps Out

Loading Magazines from Stripper Clips? LULA Strip Clip Loader Helps Out

Butler Creek

Overland Park, KS – With the popularity of black rifles, surplus ammo is the most economical way to practice on the range. Because most surplus ammo is sold on stripper clips, shooters have to transfer the rounds from the strip to their rifle magazines. This can be a tedious and painful chore, particularly in cold weather. Strip clip loaders can make it easier to load magazines but most are big, bulky and hard to handle.

LULA Strip Clip Loader

The new LULA Strip Clip Loader from Butler Creek solves the problem. Like most LULA loaders it is small, lightweight and simple to use. It is designed to work with AR-15/M16 rifles and .223 ammo. It is made from a durable, reinforced polymer plastic, is about 1/3 the size of similar loaders and will fit easily into a range bag or pocket. With a little practice, a shooter can load 30 rounds in about 12 seconds. Suggested retail is $33. For more information, visit www.butlercreek.com.

Turn on the fastest, most comfortable loading experience possible. The lever engages spring, so rounds slide in and out effortlessly – no finger or mag abuse. Slips on and off your mag with ease. LULA is a trademark of Maglula Ltd. and is used by permission. Made in Israel.
#24215 Fits: M-16/AR-15
#24216 Fits: AK-47/GALIL
#24217 Fits: MP5
#24218 Fits: Colt 9 SMG
#24219 Fits: UZI
#24220 Fits: M1A/M14
#24221 Fits: FN FAL

Butler Creek is your stop for products backed by big thinking and field-proven quality. We live the lifestyle we equip, and it shows – from our world-famous Flip-Open Scope Covers to smarter ways to carry your gear and outfit your guns. It’s serious innovation for people like us. And quite frankly, people like us want the best and we always want our shot to count. Welcome to Butler Creek.

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12 years ago

I looking for a bench loader or strip loader for AK47 What you got