Making The Perfect Thermo Plastic Gun Holster at Home

Making The Perfect Thermo Plastic Gun Holster at Home
This is s short snap shot from a great how to article on on how to thermoform in plastics your own hand gun holster. This is s cool project and Learning the process opens up a whole list of new ideas for things you can make from Magpuls to custom case interiors.

Make your own gun holster with help from – -( At first is might seem easier and cheaper to just buy the holster you want and save the trouble. This is true in many circumstances, but not in all. With the Steyr handguns it is hard if not impossible to find the exact holster you want to fit the gun.

In wanting an Inside the Waist Band (IWB) holster for my new M9 I went on a search. I found I really liked the Galco Skyops ( and the CrossBreed ( holsters. In looking at these holsters I felt that I could make one myself exactly as I wanted it and custom fit to me for a less money than trying to order one, if available.

I started out researching thermoforming plastics. I found several DIY sites with people using them to mold styrene model and craft parts. Also in my search I found the material Kydex was the predominate plastic used in holsters and other tactical equipment. I now had knowledge of how to vacuum form and the materials I would use.

Molding your own Gun Holster!

The Vacuum Molding Process:

In a nut shell you heat the plastic and suck it down over a mold or plug. In actuality it is a bit more complicated, but not much. The first thing I needed was a mold of my gun.

To make the mold I wrapped my Steyr in plastic wrap and then forced it down inside some modeling clay on its side. Then I pulled the gun out and the plastic wrap that was trapped in the mold. I now had a perfect shaped cavity to pour plaster of paris in. I mixed up the plaster as the box indicated and poured it into the clay mold. Once it was dry I popped out a nice plug in the shape of my gun…..

Visit for the entire Gun Holster How To Article.

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J Starshadow

Styer MA1 plugs, do you have a way to make or buy them?