Muzzy Brings Precision to the ADWA, Just in Time for Bow-Season

Muzzy Brings Precision to the ADWA, Just in Time for Bow-Season

American Deer & Wildlife Alliance

AUSTIN, Texas – -( The newest member of the American Deer & Wildlife Alliance (ADWA), Muzzy, is well-known to serious bowhunters. The ADWA will work to introduce new Muzzy broadheads to ADWA members and the general public.

“Once you have something that works, you don’t want to switch,” says ADWA member David Corley. “When bowseason comes around, Muzzy broadheads are a permanent staple in my pack.”

Muzzy’s patented design – razor sharp stainless steel blades that interlock within the body of the broadhead, forming a column of steel that supports the aluminum body – is unique to all Muzzy broadheads. To see all Muzzy products and more, please visit the interactive site:

“The American Deer & Wildlife Alliance is serious about hunting as well as conservation, and Muzzy Products is proud to be their assigned broadhead of choice and to be associated with ADWA,” says Fred Settles, COO of Muzzy Products. “We like what the ADWA does for youth in the community, most recently introducing kids to archery, and we like what ADWA stands for in terms of conservation-both the ADWA and Muzzy want to see the sport preserved for generations to come.”

Headquartered in Austin, Texas, the American Deer & Wildlife Alliance is a non-profit organization dedicated to the growth of the deer and wildlife industry, and to help educate consumers and the youth on the conservation issues that affect deer and wildlife as well as the industry. For more information on the American Deer & Wildlife Alliance, call 877.528.7100 or visit

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