Otis Technology Gun Care The First To Comply With Federal Regulation Codes Regarding Children

Otis Technology Is Among The First To Comply With Federal Regulation Codes Regarding Children
Otis 085, Ultra Bore Solvent features new labeling and child proof cap

Otis Technology Gun Care

Otis Technology – -(AmmoLand.com)- As leader in the World’s most advanced gun care cleaning systems, is proud to announce they are one of the first companies to comply with federal regulations concerning package safety. “It was important for Otis to react quickly to these codes. Not only is it the right thing to do, but it was important to be ahead of the curve for the wholesale and retail partners we serve; especially for the upcoming holiday season.” says Denise Miller, VP Sales and Marketing for Otis.

Code of Federal Regulations has general requirements for child resistant effectiveness which are stated in Code 1500.121 of Labeling and 1700.14 of the Consumer Product Safety Commission for Poison Prevention Packaging Act.

Otis 085, Ultra Bore Solvent

The team at Otis Technology, Inc. was quick to make sure that the 085 Bore Solvent met these standards. Otis 085 is used as a bore solvent, lubricant and preservative, all-in- one, and is sold in 4 sizes, and two forms. Each principal display panel of the solvent labeling must bear, at a minimum, the signal word, statement of principal hazard or hazards, and, if appropriate, instructions to read carefully any cautionary material that may be placed elsewhere on the label. This labeling should also appear the outer container or wrapping used in the retail display for the substance.

Furthermore, the new caps on Otis Technology, Inc. 085 Bore Solvent, not only fulfill CPSC standards and protocols, but also federal codes for senior-resecuring effectiveness. Otis also redesigned other product labeling at the suggestion of the Safety commission.

Otis Technology, Inc. serves a variety of commercial, law enforcement, and military business partners. The products manufactured by Otis are used by sportsmen, gunsmiths, armorers, and servicemen and women everywhere, to ensure their firearms are field ready and ultimately safe to use. In 23 years, Otis has built quite a large and loyal following. Doreen Garrett, CEO of Otis Technology, Inc. says that “every branch of our business is committed to a quality product. Our customers trust Otis to be the best in gun care and we’ll continue to do our best to meet every one of their needs.”

In complying with CPSC regulations, Otis Technology, Inc. has taken yet another step at keeping its firearm users protected and safe.

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