Realtree Launches New Whitetail Website

Realtree Launches New Whitetail Website – -( At Realtree’s new Whitetail Website you can get all the whitetail news, info, facts and fun you want when you want it, and if we’re guessing correctly, that means all of the time.

With a variety of features that will have you clicking for hours, will leave you wanting for nothing…except maybe a shot at one of the monsters yourself. And, with the help of the biologists at “Whitetailology,” maybe you’ll get your chance. Learn what makes a deer tick and why Joe the Farmer has all the bruisers on his land and you don’t.

Click on the “Rack Report” blog to meet five average hunters who, like you, also enjoy talking about deer – the big freaky ones. Think you’re smart? We’ll you’ll find out for sure when you put your noodle to the “Trivia Challenge.” Would the quality of your life improve greatly if you could somehow watch all whitetails all the time? Now you can. Click on “Surf HD Television” to check out different channels and get real online HD quality TV whenever you want it. Do your eyes go cross when reading assembly instructions for your hunting gear? If so, the “Whitetail Podcast” has got your back with demonstrations for installing a variety of equipment, and it has the stuff you need to put on your iPod as well.

With blogs, contests, giveaways and podcasts, Realtree’s whitetail site is the next best thing to being there. Don’t believe us? Check it out for yourself at

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