For Those That Have Caught The “Training Bug” The Tendency Is To Train For The Deadly

For Those That Have Caught The “Training Bug”, The Tendency Is To Train For The Deadly Threat Encounter

Sig Sauer Academy
Sig Sauer Academy

SIG SAUER Academy – For those that have caught the “training bug”, the tendency is to train for the deadly threat encounter by constantly enhancing skills relative to delivering fast, accurate, repeated shots under stress until the threat goes away. That’s a great ‘on demand’ skill to have.   But, it’s important to remember that it is just A tool in the proverbial tool box.   Always remember your mission.   Mine is to survive.   I suspect that more than a few of you share the same mission.   When faced with a potentially lethal threat, remember that other tools in the box might be a better choice.   Compliance is a tool.   Creating distance and putting barriers between you and the threat is a tool.   Anything done to safely de-escalate is a tool.

So, there you are, impatiently waiting for the light to turn, when the guy who wanted to wash your windshield pulls a gun instead.   Your thought processes explode with

  • Is the car worth dying for?
  • Can I get out of the car?

  • Is my wallet worth dying for?

  • What was my last recorded time on access, draw, drive and fire from seated, seat-belted, concealed carry?

  • Maybe mashing the skinny pedal on the right will get the job done?

Never compromise your safety, but realize that your blazing split times may not always factor in to making the best common sense decision to achieve the mission.

Simple Is Good.   Survival is Great.

Adam Painchaud
Senior Instructor

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