TRUTH SQUAD – December 2008

TRUTH SQUAD – December 2008

Gun Talk Radio and Tom Gresham

The Perfect Gift?
The tradition in our home as I grew up was that many, even most, holidays meant a long box wrapped in pretty paper. Inside the box would be a gun. It might have been the Daisy Model 25 – that pump-action model that often pinched fingers and raised blood blisters when cocking it, but I wore out two or three of them, firing thousands of BBs at appropriate, and inappropriate, targets around the neighborhood. It sometimes was a gun my father had owned for many years – those were the best.

Many of us have been buying guns, magazines and ammunition over the last few months in anticipation of what the Obama administration might do. That’s all well and good, but it does nothing to stop or push back the coming assault on our gun rights.

Here are two things you can do immediately…click here to read the full article.

A Gun for Christmas?
If you do decide to give a gun to a youngster for Christmas or Hanukkah, that gift should include four other things. First is an NRA membership. Yep, you can do it in a couple of minutes at Also, be sure to include shooting glasses and hearing protection. Never let that youngster fire a gun without protection for both eyes and ears – even when hunting. The last item your gift of a gun needs to come with is…you. Spending time at the range, giving good instruction, is key. If you don’t feel up to it, sign the youngster up for a gun safety class or a hunter education class. That way, you get a trained firearms instructor covering the basics and getting this new shooter off to a good start.

Arm Yourself With Gun Facts
This is an amazing resource. As those of us, including the Truth Squad members getting this, work hard to beat back ignorance and misinformation about guns, we need intellectual ammunition, and this is a great one.

Guy Smith has put together a great – and FREE – collection of information you can use. It’s called Gun Facts, and you can find it at You just download the PDF file there, and you will get information on crime statistics, suicides, gun laws, concealed carry, etc. The great part is that Gun Facts gives the original sources such as the FBI Uniform Crime Reports, the Centers for Disease Control, etc. With that, you can back up your letters to the letter, your calls to elected officials, and your face-to-face meetings with anyone. You’ll have the data, the ammo, you need to be persuasive.

I highly recommend Gun Facts!

Crime — Bad, and Getting Worse
This is for all those people who have said, “Yeah, I need to get that carry permit, but I just haven’t gotten around to it.” Now’s the time. Put that item near the top of your New Year’s resolutions.

Here’s what I think. Crime will be getting worse. The current economic situation is causing reductions in police patrols and cutbacks on law enforcement agencies. Note that I don’t say that people who have been laid off will start committing crimes. I don’t think that’s what happens. If you are prone to crime, that’s what you do, irrespective of the economy. When there are fewer police around, though, criminals are emboldened, and they come out more – in the daylight as well as at night.

Simply put, you need to provide for your own protection…click here to read the full article.

It Pays to Listen to Gun Talk!
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