Tuffpak Gun Cases Can Take It All and They Are Light to Carry!

Tuffpak Gun Cases Can Take It All and they are Light!

Tuffpak Gun Case
Tuffpak Gun Case
Tuffpak Gun Cases
Tuffpak Gun Cases

El Cajon, CA -(AmmoLand.com)- The Tuffpak has plenty of room for all your gear. Up to five long guns in their soft cases or any combination of guns-n-gear. With this much room, you’ll be taking fewer bags on your trip.

Inside, there’s 50″ in length and 10″ in diameter. At only 17 lb., you can fill it up and not worry about exceeding any weight restrictions. Even if it does get close, you can easily move the case on its built in wheels.

The Original Tuffpak Rifle Cases
The Original Tuffpak Rifle Cases

1. Tamper-Proof, Key Lock and Molded Ribs
2. Removable Lid
3. Tuff Webbed Strap
4. Twin Carry Handles
5. “Side Release” Buckle
6. High-Tech / Lightweight Materials
7. Wheels!
8. This case weighs only 17 lb.

The best part is that Tuffpak doesn’t even look like a gun case!
If you saw this case and the one below in an airport, you’d know guns were in the metal one but the Tuffpak may be carrying golf clubs or a tripod for a motion picture camera.

The Tuffpak is changing how people pack for a trip.

For years, rifles and shotguns have been shipped in cases that are task specific. Take this one here for example. This case (on the right) is designed to transport two rifles with scopes . . . period. It weighs 27 pounds (10 pounds more than the Tuffpak) and it will always hold only two firearms. What if you buy a different gun or decide to take three or four? What if you want to pack with a companion? Do you go out and buy a new case?

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Gun Cases

I've been trying to find the best gun cases for the money. I've found a few that I like but they are always too heavy for me. It's nice to know that a company is making cases that are a little lighter. Do you have to make sacrifices in durability if it is lighter?