Deer & Wildlife Stories Visits Trophy Ridge Whitetails

Deer & Wildlife Stories Visits Trophy Ridge Whitetails

AUSTIN, Texas – The new Keith Warren’s Deer & Wildlife Stories television program, sponsored by the American Deer & Wildlife Alliance (ADWA), continues to get up close and personal with North America’s most popular big game animal — the whitetail deer. In its second episode airing this week, Dick Cain of Trophy Ridge Whitetails in Saint Jo, Texas, opens his ranch to children for a day of outdoor education and adventure.

Deer & Wildlife Stories first debuted on the Outdoor Channel last week and airs three times every week — Tuesdays at 9am EST, Fridays at 2am EST and Saturdays at 5:30pm EST.

“We treated the kids from the middle school to a hayride, and they picked up antler sheds that had fallen. In the process they also learned about the different ages of deer and antler development, and the importance of having natural cover within a property area,” explains Cain, a self-professed life-long teacher and proud member of the Texas Deer Association.

A former university professor and a professional wildlife management consultant for more than 30 years, Cain continues to share his passion for the outdoors to new and eager students of all ages. Located in North Central Texas, Cain owns and operates Trophy Ridge Whitetails which serves as a hunting resort in the fall with an emphasis on family hunts and is a highly successful whitetail breeding farm. Trophy Ridge features about 80 breeding does that produce trophy bucks that can be released at three-years of age and make a significant genetic contribution to pasture deer herds in Texas. For more information, visit

“Every episode of Deer & Wildlife Stories is extremely informative and educational, and we believe it is vitally important to address such issues as wildlife management, land fragmentation, habitat destruction,” says ADWA Director of Operations Annie Jones. “Deer & Wildlife Stories gives us a public stage to promote the issues that are critical to the future success and growth of our industry.”

The American Deer & Wildlife Alliance is a national non-profit trade organization representing deer and wildlife associations, industry professionals and equipment manufacturers. ADWA serves as the ‘national voice’ for regional associations and companies within the deer and wildlife industries and its sole purpose is to promote wildlife, habitat and land stewardship, and to grow the wildlife industry through education and aggressive public relations for its members.

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Headquartered in Austin, Texas, the American Deer & Wildlife Alliance is a non-profit organization dedicated to the growth of the deer and wildlife industry, and to help educate consumers and the youth on the conservation issues which effect deer and wildlife as well as the industry. For more information on the American Deer & Wildlife Alliance, call 877.331.8607 or visit