Extreme Shock Offers X-Kote-C Barrel Coating

Extreme Shock Offers X-Kote-C Barrel Coating

Extreme Shock Ammunition
Extreme Shock Ammunition

CLINTWOOD, VIRGINIA – Extreme Shock Ammunition, known for producing the world’s most advanced ammunition, announces the creation of a new kind of porcelain barrel coating. The new X-Coat “C” is a dry lubricant that represents the latest in 21st century technology.

Since X-Kote-C is a dry lubricant, it does not attract sand or dust, so any weapon is ready to use immediately after cleaning. After the initial application of X-KOTE-C cleaning takes half the time of CLP because the dry lube creates a molecular bond with the metal which prevents carbon and brass from sticking to the metal. Cleaning becomes a simple wipe down.

Another advantage to the X-Kote-C is that it is not classified as a Hazmat. What this means is that you can clean your gun in any enclosed area. This becomes increasingly important in war time desert situations.

Unlike traditional CLP, X-KOTE-C is ready when you need it. No weighting, no wetness, no danger and more firearm protection.

To learn more about the full range of products offered from Extreme Shock Ammunition, please visit www.extremeshockusa.net

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