FieldandClays Gun Barrel Rest

FieldandClays Gun Barrel Rest
Reduce shooter fatigue with  the FieldandClays gun barrel rest
nothing permanently affixes to your gun…

FieldandClays Gun Barrel Rest
FieldandClays Gun Barrel Rest – -( Our original Reversible Magnetic Barrel Rest transfers gun weight from hands, arms, and shoulders directly to the barrel rest. Overall it’s longer and wider offering more barrel resting space. The new age lightweight material is soft but very sturdy, and waterproof. Used by many top competitive shooters. Works well with break open and non-break open shotguns. Helps you increase focus and concentration while you stay fresh and fatigue free from beginning to the end of competitions!

When walking to your station or moving to the next post, place barrel on magnet… lift gun with the magnet and walk.

At the shooting station, place your foot on the pad and lift the gun off the magnet. Rest barrel on the pad between shots.

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Jason Gibson

Hi I’m over in the UK but I found on the web that you guys do a magnetized gun rest and that’s something that I just can’t find here in England and yet I think it’s a great idea. I’ve seen a few shooters here use them but no matter how hard I try I can’t Track any down. So I wondered if it would be possible for you to either ship me 6 here or alternatively if that’s too expensive, maybe you could send them to the hotel in New York that I’m staying at in a couple of… Read more »

Jason Gibson


I wondered if these gun rests are available in the UK or if you can ship and if so what the total cost would be please?