Firearms Retailer Defense Fund – FRDF.Org – Launches

Retailers Defense Group Announced

Contact: Christopher Chiafullo
FRDF Chairman
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Firearms Retailer Defense Fund (FRDF.Org) Launches

Firearms Retailer Defense Fund
Firearms Retailer Defense Fund

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH – A new not-for-profit organization dedicated to the legal defense of firearms retailers was announced Saturday at the AcuSport West Dealer Conferences in Salt Lake City, Utah. AcuSport Corporation, one of the leading distributors of outdoor and shooting sports products in the nation, presented the launch of the, the Firearms Retailer Defense Fund (FRDF), and announces will actively support the effort to defend retailers when faced with litigation seeking to regulate the industry. Other firearms distributors have also shown great interest in becoming charter members in support of the FRDF cause.

FRDF will accept donations through collection efforts by participating distributors to help independent firearms retailers defray legal expenses they may incur to defend unfair law suits filed by municipalities, politicians or anti-gun organizations. Each participating distributor will accept and process individual donations on a negligible per order basis with existing customers. In addition, a website ( has been created to accept on-line donations.

The independent business owner/firearms retailer can sometimes feel isolated when faced with a legal attack mounted by entities and organizations with an unlimited litigation budget. The creation of the FRDF counteracts the deep-pocketed plaintiff by uniting dealers to defend and protect themselves – and the industry as a whole – through a “rainy day fund collecting a few pennies at a time.” These collected funds will be shared when needed to combat the potential infliction of harm through the legal process. “Independent firearms retailers are continually being pressured by anti-gun organizations, changes in legislation and increasing political pressures.” said Jim Broering, AcuSport President. “We are always looking for ways to support and strengthen our customers’ business and the industry in general, and are proud to stand along with our brother and sister distributors in this cause.”

Firearms industry attorney Christopher Chiafullo has been appointed Chairman of the FRDF board of directors. Chiafullo is best known in the firearms industry as the attorney who created FFLGuard ( “Firearms retailers should not feel alone when a plaintiff strikes, and FRDF is just one of the resources that will help protect them,” Chiafullo said. As an example Chiafullo pointed to the protracted and costly legal battle ensuing between Mayor Bloomberg and retailer Adventure Outdoors in Smyrna, Georgia, noting that “[a] focused and well-funded plaintiff’s effort to put a retailer out of business via ‘bankruptcy by lawsuit’ is a true example of David versus Goliath… requiring the proper resources and industry expertise to increase the likelihood of success when facing that seemingly impossible fight.” The FRDF, Chiafullo concludes, “gives ‘David the firearms retailer’ at least a few stones for his slingshot.”

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