Media Day At The Range Breaks Attendance Record

Media Day At The Range Breaks Attendance Record

Media Day At The Range
Media Day At The Range

Centreville, Virginia – With the support of Bass Pro Shops the 4th annual Media Day at the Range held on Wednesday, January 14, 2009 Orlando, Florida broke all records. Nearly 425 members of the outdoor media from around the world were in attendance.

Nearly 50 manufacturers and organizations exhibited at the event allowing members of the media to handle and shoot the hundreds of new products on display as well as learn of new programs and organizations getting started in 2009.

Jason Nash, ATK’s Communications and Events Manager said “Media Day at the Range provides manufacturers like ATK the opportunity to have hands-on interaction with the top writers in the hunting and shooting industry. There’s no better way to showcase new products than to actually use them live and in person. This year’s event was well organized, very well attended and overall a great success. We look forward to next year.”

“Media Day is always a most successful prequel to the SHOT Show for ZEISS. There is simply no substitute in providing our media friends a “hands-on” experience with our product. It is a wonderful networking event for us not only for developing new and continuing relationships with writers and publishers but it also allows us to work closely with other manufacturers and other industry professionals. Not the least of all, the sponsors always provide a first class location or the event and tremendous logistical support,” added Rich Moncrief, Zeiss Training Manger.

Many of the writers could not have been more pleased with the event. Says Mark Keefe, Editor of NRA’s publication American Rifleman, “Media Day gives the firearms press an opportunity to handle the majority of the new firearm or optical designs that they will be writing about in the coming year. It’s one thing to look at a gun or a scope in a booth, but another entirely to try it out at the range in its intended role. Media Day is also one of the best networking opportunities available for both the industry marketing professionals and journalists alike. I haven’t missed one yet, and I don’t intend to start now.”

Adds Nick Sisley, freelance journalist for many of the top shotgun publications, “One aspect of Media Day that I really like is that there tends to be a little more time to visit for a few minutes with old friends. More importantly, Media Day is the chance to see so many new products under one figurative roof – and our readers (editors, too) are always hungry for information on the new products. Finally, Media Day is also perfect for garnering story ideas beyond new products. Personally, I came up with at least three of these types of article ideas – all within a relatively short time at Media Day.

This year’s event also was a big success raising funds and equipment for the Florida 4-H Shooting Sports Program. A special thanks needs to go to all who donated product for the silent auction and all those who supported 4-H by purchasing lunches.

Those in the hunting and shooting industry should also extend a thank you to Bass Pro Shops and all the other sponsors of the event.

Details on Media Day at the Range 2010 will be announced in the coming months. You can visit for information or contact Cory Cannon with Triple Curl at [email protected] or Cathy Williams with CMG Marketing & Events at [email protected]

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