Obama Halts Concealed Weapons In National Parks

Obama Halts Concealed Weapons In National Parks
And so it starts…

Washington DC – -(AmmoLand.com)- Yahoo News is reporting that the new Obama administration has placed on hold all so called “midnight regulations” set in place by president Bush as he left the office.

Controversial late rules by the outgoing Bush administration include allowing the carrying of concealed weapons in some national parks and prohibiting medical facilities from receiving federal money for discriminating against doctors and nurses who refuse to assist with abortions or dispense contraceptives based on religious grounds.

Federal law requires a 60-day waiting period before any major regulatory changes become law, so some presidents try to publish new major regulations to ensure they go into effect before the new president’s inauguration on January 20.

Source: News.Yahoo

Gun owners…now is the time we need to get organized for the oncoming attack.  If you have not spent the measly $25.00 to join the NRA what are you waiting for?

National Rifle Association of America
National Rifle Association of America
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Jim G. Brown

President Obama is NOT trying to take away guns. He’s trying to make it more difficult to get them. Which EVERY responsible gun owner or potential gun owner should support. Stop listening to Republican propaganda and read the real news.

Dave Hardy

I don't think he can stop the Parks CCW rule. It's already published and gone into effect. It would take a new rulemaking to undo it.