Outdoor Life Magazine Unveils New Print And Online Design

Outdoor Life Magazine Unveils New Print And Online Design

New York, New York – -(OutDoorWire.com)- Outdoor Life, The Source For Hunting And Fishing Adventure, debuted a bold new design, both online and in print this month. Outdoor Life’s new print look will hit newsstands this week with the February issue. This print design follows closely on the heels of the announcement earlier this week of the launch of the brand’s redesigned website, www.OutdoorLife.com.

“Outdoor Life has thrived for more than a century because we’ve remained dedicated to delivering the best content in the most innovative and entertaining format,” says Todd Smith, Editor-in-Chief of Outdoor Life. “Our readers invest their time and trust in us, and we wanted to repay that by investing in and improving the products they love.”

The new print design, spearheaded by Smith and his staff, took more than a year to implement from inception to completion. The process involved a complete reimagining of magazine’s layout that resulted in the introduction of four new front-of-the-book sections: Hunting, Fishing, Shooting and Gear. The new look offers a cleaner, sharper design as well as a new graphics package that showcases more of the eye-catching outdoor images the magazine is famous for.

According to Smith, the new sections will give the magazine greater flexibility in the types of stories they run. “Readers will still find all the gear, survival, and hunting and fishing adventure stories they love in Outdoor Life,” says Smith, “but now we’ll be covering even more of the great outdoor world they love. In the February issue we cover hunting dogs, wild-game recipes, the best Hollywood shootouts, interviews with outdoor heroes and more. And with each issue and according to the season, the topics we include in these four sections will change.”

Titled “The Predator Issue” the February issue of Outdoor Life includes three feature stories highlighting coyotes, cougars and Alaskan grizzlies, continuing the magazine’s tradition of delivering original photography coupled with in-depth and entertaining coverage. “Cat Men” profiles a tight-knit group of young mountain-lion hunters who embody the spirit of the 21st-century mountain man; “Grizzly Country” chronicles the adventures of a Virginia country-boy who travels to Alaska in search of the world’s greatest game; and “The Howling” offers a glimpse into the world of coyotes.

Earlier this week Outdoor Life announced the official relaunch of its online home, www.OutdoorLife.com. The newly designed website offers online users a daily updated dose of outdoor entertainment, news, advice and tips. In addition to new hunting and fishing video galleries, the site also offers users the ability to create unique online profiles and participate in and lead outdoor discussions.

“We’ve had great feedback from our online community,’ says Smith. “In fact the only complaint we’ve gotten is that the site is too good. Apparently it’s a bit harder for some people to tear themselves away now.”

Outdoor Life www.OutdoorLife.com is the source for hunting and fishing adventure. Outdoor Life provides technical information and insight to the more experienced outdoorsman, including field reports and gear guides to supply hands-on hunters and anglers with the most current knowledge about their passion, supplemented with the latest techniques, tactics and tips. Outdoor Life achieves this by featuring how-to articles written by the experts in the field, the best and most captivating adventure stories from the woods or on the water, comprehensive regional coverage of the best hunting and fishing opportunities in specific areas and annual gear tests conducted by the Outdoor Life editors. Outdoor Life is published 10 times a year by the BonnierCorporation.

The Bonnier Corporation (www.bonniercorp.com) is one of the largest consumer-publishing groups in America and the leading media company serving passionate, highly engaged audiences through more than 40 special-interest magazines and related multimedia projects and events.

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