Pro-Mag Dimension Gold Series Electronic Ear Muffs

Pro-Mag Dimension Gold Series Electronic Ear Muffs
Latest Audio Technology Lets Normal Sounds Through While Compressing Dangerous Noise To A Safe Level.  Made in the USA…

Mfr: PRO EARS – -( Lightweight, compact muffs use advanced electronic circuitry that reacts instantly to block the sound of gunshots and protect your hearing on the range or in the field.

Dynamic Level Sound Compression (DLSC) technology compresses loud noises to a safe 70 dB level in less than 1.5 milliseconds, while letting you continue to hear normal conversation and range commands. Separate amplifier circuits and volume controls in each ear cup provide directional stereo sound and eliminate wires that can snag or break. Volume controls offer 50 dB gain to let you amplify low-level sounds as much as 8 times their actual level—without compromising protection from hearing damaging noise.

Pro-Mag Dimension Gold Series Electronic Muffs
Pro-Mag Dimension Gold Series Electronic Muffs

An advance over earlier Dimension muffs, all Gold Series models are user programmable to change gain sensitivity, and now have an audible battery indicator that warns you when the batteries reach 50% and 90% discharge levels.

Auto shutoff circuit prevents accidental battery drain by cutting power after 4 hours of continuous operation.

Non-corroding gold-plated connectors provide superior conductivity for best possible sound quality, and fully enclosed military-grade circuit boards stand up to extremes of temperature and weather. “Smart” 8-bit microprocessor performs a complete diagnostic of the electronics every time you turn on the muffs, while a flashing LED gives you visual feedback that the diagnostic is in progress, so you know your muffs are working properly before you fire a shot.

Extra-soft, padded ProForm Leather ear cushions and a fully padded, adjustable head band provide maximum wearer comfort, even over glasses. Leather allows skin to breathe more naturally than synthetics during long sessions.

Dimension 1 models have all the features described above.

Dimension 2 models add input jacks and a 48″ cable with standard 3.5mm mini plug that let you feed the audio output from a radio, mobile phone, MP3 player, CD player, or other electronic communication device to your muffs. PRO-MAG™ – NRR 33 gives these muffs the most powerful noise reduction of the Dimension Gold series, yet with the same DLSC to let you hear normal sounds going on around you. Large ear cups have extra insulation for heavy-duty protection from the big noises without resorting to supplementary foam plugs.

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Excellent for the big bore shooter or anyone using indoor firing ranges.

SPECS: Shock-resistant composite housing, supports, and head band. All models use four (4) 1.5-volt N-type batteries, included. 200 hour minimum battery life. NRR 33. 15.1 oz. (428g) weight with batteries.

Pro Ears, The worlds most advanced electronic hearing protection. High NRR or noise attenuation, exceptional amplification, audiophile sound. Safe, OSHA compliant passive earmuffs for military, law enforcement, industrial and shooting sports.

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