World Class Steel Hosted at Old Bridge Rifle & Pistol Club

World Class Steel Hosted at Old Bridge Rifle & Pistol Club
East Coast Pro Am Championship..

World Class Steel
World Class Steel

Old Bridge NJ – -( World Class Steel is proud to announce that the Old Bridge Rifle and Pistol Club, located in Old Bridge, New Jersey will host the 2009 East Coast Pro Am Championship on Friday May 8th and Saturday May 9th. The Pro Am series of championships, of which the East Coast Championship is the first, is a knockdown steel event using multiple stage scenarios that include props and require movement by the competitor through each course of fire.

The Pro Am Championship, held at the United States Shooting Academy in Tulsa, Oklahoma, is the fruition of an idea for a vigorous steel match by world-renowned shooter and instructor, Phil Strader. The match was originally organized around limited firearms (i.e.: iron sights) but has been expanded for 2009 to include open pistols (i.e.: scopes and compensators). Based upon extensive competitor input, World Class Steel has decided to add two carbine divisions and to include revolvers in the pistol divisions in the East Coast Championship.

The 2009 East Coast Championship that will be held at the Old Bridge Rifle and Pistol Club will consist of the six courses of fire in the Pro Am format plus an additional tie breaker stage using a World Class Steel Knockdown format. Each Pro Am stage will have approximately 40 to 50 reactive steel plate targets that will be engaged from a variety of positions and props. Each stage will also have a par time dedicated to it. That is to say, a set amount of time will be allotted to the shooter to complete the stage. The competitor’s score will be the number of targets knocked down less any assessed penalties. The score from the six stages will be totaled to decide the winners of the championship. In the case of a tie, the tie breaker stage will decide the winner. The match will be scored using the World Class Steel Scoring Program and prizes will be awarded by the World Class Steel Lewis System.
The 2009 East Coast Pro Am Championship will include the following Divisions:
Open Pistol/Revolver; Iron Pistol/Revolver; Open Carbine; Iron Carbine

All firearm capacity will be limited to eleven rounds to start and a maximum of ten rounds in any magazine. Revolvers will be loaded to capacity. Holsters and magazine pouches are required for the handgun divisions.

At a recent interview conducted at the Old Bridge Rifle and Pistol Club’s outdoor facility, John Soltesz, the Match Director for the 2009 East Coast Pro Am Championship, was quoted as saying, “This event seemed like the natural progression for World Class Steel’s Knockdown Steel format and we thank Phil Strader for asking us to host such an important event.” In speaking with Dave Olhasso, member of Team Smith & Wesson, regarding the upcoming event, he stated that, “With the movement, props and reactive targets, it’s an exciting format for both the competitors and spectators alike.” Olhasso also said that, in addition, all World Class Steel events have always been well run and officiated.
The 2009 East Coast Pro Am Championship will host a maximum of 200 competitors divided among three start times spread over two days. The match can be completed in any one of these single sessions. To attract a broad range of shooters, the match fee is set at a very modest $45.00 and the round count should top 350. In keeping with the tradition of all major World Class Steel events, a lunch will be provided for the competitors along with a beverage and a promotional item. Any shooting or outdoor-action related organization that would like to join World Class Steel’s prestigious match sponsorship roster should contact the Match Development Director via our website’s contact list.

Championship entry applications and rules, along with a host of other information on upcoming shooting events, can be found at the World Class Steel website, Stages descriptions of the Pro Am match will be posted on the website in the upcoming months.

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Gene Sutton

Looking for the results for the third sundy steel shoots.