American Deer & Wildlife Alliance Welcomes Top Insemination Facility

American Deer & Wildlife Alliance Welcomes Top Insemination Facility

AUSTIN, Texas – Shedding a positive light on the breeding industry is long overdue, and is also a priority at the American Deer & Wildlife Alliance (ADWA). Another issue often discussed is the affordability of hunting, and how it is necessary to preserve the sport for future generations of Americans. ADWA announces its latest sponsor, Horn Heaven Ranch, who reflects the importance of both issues dear to sportsmen across the nation.

“Public response to ADWA’s latest show on the Outdoor Channel, Deer & Wildlife Stories, has confirmed public interest in this industry,” says ADWA director of operations Annie Jones. “Horn Heaven Ranch is a great example of the hard work breeders take in taking care of their land and making the best possible environment for their deer.”

Located in South Texas, Horn Heaven Ranch and Horn Heaven Whitetails have developed a haven for outstanding genetics and breeding programs. Boasting deer with long documented lines of origin and breeding backgrounds, some of their finest deer come from the most famous breeder buck lines in Texas. “We offer everything from breeder bucks, does, fawns and a stocker program – we even have dove and quail hunt packages.” says Aubrey Thoede of Horn Heaven Ranch. “Keith Warren and ADWA are doing positive things for the deer industry, and we are proud to support their efforts.” Horn Heaven Ranch is delivering bred doe through April 2009, using bucks on over 400 doe this year, earning them the top insemination facility in the country.

To learn more about Horn Heaven Ranch, please visit and . For more information on studs, please call Aubrey at 832.256.5535.

“To be in this industry requires a lot of passion,” adds Jones. “Fascinating aspects of Horn Heaven Ranch are their interviews with Alan Warren and their live call-in outdoor radio show on the Salem Network and ESPN Radio Houston. Soon, Horn Heaven Ranch’s website will be streaming all interviews with Warren, a self described ‘fanatic about the outdoors’ and host of numerous outdoor television programs. For more information and programming information, please visit . To learn more about the Salem Radio Network and channel schedules, please visit .

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