has Wolf 7.62×39 – $550.00/1,000 – Cost Per Round: 0.55 On Sale has Wolf 7.62×39 – $550.00/1,000 – Cost Per Round: 0.55 On Sale

Wolf 7.62x39 Ammunition
Wolf 7.62x39 Ammunition

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  • 11 thoughts on “ has Wolf 7.62×39 – $550.00/1,000 – Cost Per Round: 0.55 On Sale

    1. has this product 1000 rounds for $219. Go there i havent found anything else cheaper yet but im sure i can find some. dont waster your money on this site

    2. I agree and speak for probably all ammo buyers everywhere. “All ammo prices going up is a bunch of BULL S**T. Because you manufactures think (along with all) obama will put restrictions or bans on guns and ammo(wich I’m not saying he won’t, I haven’t a clue hope not though) so you go and jack up the price on everything is crap. And for what I believe to make a quick buck. You probably would have made more money and sold more if the prices would stay the same. Then you would have also armed the civilians with a good stockpile of ammo. Now if someone were to try and tell me ammo prices went up because of rising prices of the supplies like the brass and copper, I wouldn’t believe it for a second.Yes the prices of those things did go up but not that much. It’s all because of the greed of some american corporations. Thank those greedy BA****DS.I hope for our sake as sportsmen and a people who have the right to arm ourselves price gougers get their heads out of their A****. God bless and have fun shooting.

    3. It was never $550-1000
      If it was it would never have sold and we have been in business 29 years.The original poster clearly missed a decimal point somewhere 🙂
      It was always at fair market and it always sold out fast.
      It’s now at $259-1000 and that price is shipped free to your door.

    4. To respond to PKato who says we live in a free market system and they can sell it for whatever price they want, that’s not exactly true.

      There are laws about price gouging and consumer fraud. They mostly don’t apply to this case. I’m just very glad to see people expressing their outrage to this ridiculous price.

      Wolf Ammo has it’s problems, too, I might add. Several gun shop owners I know in both Oregon and Nevada have told me they’ll sell Wolf, but they warn people that the rounds will sometimes solidly jam in certain carbines so badly you need a rod and a hammer to drive the rounds out.

      I’ve seen this occur in a Ruger Mini-30 at the range when a live round was left in the barrel of a very hot gun that had just fired many rounds. The round was very solidly jammed, almost welded, in the barrel and it took a lot of work to safely remove it.

    5. I just went to my local gun shop and they have cases of wolf 7.62×39 fmj 1000 rds. for $289 , I never thought I’d ever see this ammo get that high , but $550 a case ! That’s when my ak becomes a safe queen . I guess you can only blame the greedy scam artists that keep jacking up the prices to” $550 ” a case , They should be locked up and have the keys thrown away . Wolf ammo is out there for a reasonable price from honest people , if you buy it from the scam artist’s for “$550” you’re just making the problem worse .

    6. While I feel your pain with the ammo prices and yes, I believe 55 cents per round is very high, we still (currently) live under a free market system, therefore if they can sell for that price and people still buy it, well…that’s that. Don’t buy it, bottom line.


    7. congradulations,’ve stepped up to first-class-asshole with little effort. your loyal customers won’t touch the WOLF 7’62X39 at double-gouged pricing; and they will remember what you did after supplies return to plenty. now, just imagine there were a real national crises, and the civilians had to arm rapidly…like here in FLORIDA, we have governor directed anti-gouging protocols which make it a fined offense to gouge supplies before hurricanes and such. you profiteering worms make me puke!here’s something else to consider; i contacted the RUSSIAN TULA FACTORY and described my displeasure at the gouging and hoarding of the product, and they said to send them a list of you worm-spam low-lifes, so THEY can pinch off your supply and put you on the blacklist! EVEN THE COMMIES DON’T LIKE LITTLE CRIMINALS! so, you see, doubling your prices during shortages is not going to make you a quick profit, quite opposite, it will drive your customers away,away,away! BANG!

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