Brownells February Super Selections – Gun Tech Picks

Brownells February Super Selections – Gun Tech Picks – -( For this month’s Super Selections, we asked our Gun Techs to tell you about some of their favorite products they use around the shop when working on their gunsmithing projects. They had fun coming up with their lists and it was interesting that not one of them came up with the same list! With over 30,000 products in stock we hope you can make out a list of your favorites tools, accessories, parts, and those “must have” items for your shop. Also, make sure to check out for information on this free, one-of-a-kind event for gunsmith job-seekers and employers, April 17-18, 2009.

<a href= Royal Arms Stock Inletting Tools
“A great anytime tool you need to remove precise amounts of wood from tight or curved recesses. The comfortable handles cut down on hand fatigue.”
–David Bennetts, Brownells Gun Tech

<a href= Brownells Trigger Group Bedding Block
“The Brownells Trigger Group Bedding Block takes the place of the trigger assembly so you don’t have to fill yours with clay, or wrap it with tape, to keep bedding compound out when glass bedding your stock. It’s simple to install and mess-free to remove.”
–Monty Crain, Brownells Gun Tech Supervisor

<a href= Jewell Triggers
“The perfect trigger provides outstanding reliability, function and performance for benchrest, varminting, and other types of precision shooting.”
–Marc D’Aguanno, Brownells R&D Engineer

<a href= Harrison Design & Consulting 1911 Auto Grip Safety Fixture
“Neat little third hand tool” precision machined fixture fits in place of the trigger to hold the grip safety securely in place while fitting it to the top of the frame tangs.
–Tony Barnes, Brownells Quality Tech

<a href= Brownells Signature Series Deluxe Range Bag
“We combined suggestions from our pro-circuit competition shooting customers with gotta-haves from the shooters on our own staff to come up with the best range bag we’ve ever seen.”
–Mark Hudson, Brownells Gun Tech

<a href= Brownells Extractor Rod Tool
“The Revolver Extractor Rod Tool is a must have for anyone who works on S&W revolvers and the Ruger Security-Six. Helps prevent marring and scratching the extractor rod when removing the rod. I also recommend using the Brownells Adjustable Extractor Support when unscrewing the extractor rod.”
–Dean Batchelder, Brownells Gun Tech

<a href= Mesa Tactical Products Receiver Mount Shotshell Holder
” I have used a number of the Mesa Tactical Products, and they require no modifications to the gun. Holder puts up to eight 12 gauge shotshells at your fingertips on the left side of the receiver for fast tactical reloads.” –Eric Kiesler, Brownells Gun Tech

<a href= Brownells Torx® Bits
“Another oldie but goodie is the Brownells TORX Bit. It’s just a simple and easy to use tool that gives you instant and, most importantly, accurate fits for Torx screws.”
–Thomas Patrick, Brownells Gun Tech

<a href= Alpha Precision 1911 Auto Slide Tightening Tools
“These are some of the best tools I’ve found for improving the slide-to-frame fit of a 1911 to improve accuracy without loss of clearance for reliable cycling. They eliminate accuracy robbing slide slop and uneven spots to produce a uniform slide/rail gap as small as .0005″ on carbon steel guns”
–Mike Watkins, Brownells Gun Tech

<a href= B&R Recoil Pad Fitting Jig
“One of the most difficult aspects of fitting a recoil pad has always been the final fitting of pad to wood, because it is so darned easy to hit the stock with the disk, sanding strip or the file, and ruin the finish. So when we saw this Recoil Pad Fitting Jig, we knew it would be an instant success with pro gunsmiths as it removes all risk of stock damage.”
–Jon Wittwer, Brownells Gun Tech

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