Congressional Sportsmen Foundation: Tracking The Capitols Feb 18th 2009

Congressional Sportsmen Foundation: Tracking The Capitols Feb 18th 2009
Weekly update on federal and state legislation affecting sportsmen.

Congressional Sportsmen Foundation: Tracking The Capitols Report
Congressional Sportsmen Foundation: Tracking The Capitols Report

Congressional Sportsmen's Foundation
Congressional Sportsmen's Foundation

Any Capital City, USA – -( Welcome to the inaugural issue of the weekly “Tracking the Capitols” report. Tracking the Capitols is intended to keep you informed on the most pertinent and timely federal and state legislation affecting hunting, fishing, and conservation issues currently being tracked by the CSF and NASC policy team. Subscribers to the CSF electronic mailing list will receive this report in their email inbox every Tuesday morning.


HR 1054 and HR 1055 were introduced by former Congressional Sportsmen’s Caucus Co-Chair, Congressman Don Young of Alaska. These polar bear “trophy” bills would amend the Marine Mammal Protection Act (MMPA) to authorize the Secretary of Interior to issue import permits to hunters with legally taken polar bear trophies from Canada that were prohibited entry into the United States after the polar bear was listed as threatened under the Endangered Species Act. Rep. Young has sent the following letter to his colleagues…MORE

Summary of Conservation Provisions In Economic Stimulus Package


Constitutional Amendments

Arkansas SJR 3 amends the Arkansas constitution to create a constitutional right to hunt, fish, trap, and harvest wildlife.

Tennessee SJR 1 adds provisions to the Tennessee Constitution establishing the right to hunt, fish, and harvest game subject to reasonable rules and regulations, and establishes standard for reviewing such rules and regulations.

Cross bows

Michigan SB 164 allows issuance of crossbow permits to individuals with “temporary” disabilities.

Montana HB 434 provides that certain disabled persons with certified reduced muscle strength may hunt during general archery season with a crossbow.

Oklahoma HB 1761 authorizes the use of a mechanical bow draw device by certain persons authorizing the use of a mechanical bow draw device by certain persons; providing for issuance of a permit; modifying certain prohibition; and declaring an emergency.

Texas HB 968 relates to the use of crossbows for hunting.

Mississippi SB 3147 died In Committee on 2.10.09 would have allowed the use of crossbows during deer and turkey seasons.

New York AB 740 provides that disabled persons may utilize a crossbow in the taking of big game or small game, provided that they submit their disability status to the department.

New York AB 923 makes provisions relating to migratory birds, game birds, turtles, longbows, crossbows and cable restraints; open season and bag limits for certain wild game.

New York AB 924 (SB 307) authorizes the department of environmental conservation to promulgate standards authorizing hunting with a crossbow by July 1, 2011.

North Carolina SB 5 is an act to provide that a corporation that is a manufacturer, wholesale dealer, or retail dealer of crossbows that obtains a permit for the sale, receipt, or other transfer of a crossbow is deemed to have a continuing permit that authorizes the future sale, giveaway, transfer, purchase, or receipt of crossbows by the corporation and to provide that the record-Keeping requirement for sales of crossbows does not apply to a manufacturer of crossbows and does not apply to a wholesale dealer of crossbows when the sales are to other wholesale dealers or retail dealers.

Deer Pill Bills

Utah SB 13 sponsored by Caucus Co-Chair Senator Margaret Dayton defines terms; and prohibits a person from administering a substance to wildlife, except in certain circumstances. Enacts 23-13-19, Utah Code Annotated 1953.

Nebraska LB 105 requires written permission to administer certain drugs to wildlife under the commission’s jurisdiction


North Carolina SB 7 authored by Senator Julia Boseman would overturn existing statute and allow hunting on Sunday.

Mississippi SB 2036 by Senator Merle Flowers would explicitly restrict the power to confiscate firearms and ammunitions in an emergency; to provide exceptions; to enact definitions; to amend sections 45-9-53 and 33-15-11, Mississippi code of 1972.

Keeping sportsmen’s issues front and center is what the Congressional Sportsmen’s Foundation does. Day in and day out, our sole focus is on providing a voice for sportsmen in the political arena. The CSF serves as the first line of defense in protecting America’s outdoor traditions as well as promoting the sportsmen’s agenda through the collective muscle of sportsmen’s caucuses.