Illinois Sheriffs Support Proposed State Concealed-Carry Law

Illinois Sheriffs Support Proposed State Concealed-Carry Law

Illinois Sheriffs' Association
Illinois Sheriffs' Association

Illinois – -( The Illinois Sheriffs’ Association at their Winter Training Conference passed a resolution in support of concealed carry in Illinois with specific limitations.

After much discussion and concerns about the final language of the legislation the sheriffs, present and voting, unanimously approved the resolution. There were sixty of the one hundred and two sheriffs registered for the training conference.

“There are still individual sheriffs who have reservations and concerns about concealed carry in Illinois and do not support the legislation,” according to Greg Sullivan, Executive Director. Sheriff Gib Cady, 2009 President, stated, “We are constitutional officers who take an oath to uphold the constitution and we have decided to take a leadership role on this issue. This is the number one issue that our constituents talk to us about.”

There are two states, Illinois and Wisconsin, which do not allow some sort of concealed or open carry. “The ISA has been neutral on this issue for years but the recent U.S. Supreme Court decision and the feedback and the experience from the other states has turned that tide. Out of 79 sheriffs responding to our survey, 90% of those sheriffs support concealed carry with the right type of restrictions, training and scrutiny.

They also believe that local law enforcement should have the right to object to a permit application with justifiable cause,” said Sullivan. The resolution is as follows:

Whereas, the Illinois Sheriffs’ Association is a statewide organization representing the one hundred and two Sheriffs of Illinois who are constitutional officers who have sworn to uphold the constitution of the United States and the State of Illinois; and, Whereas, the Illinois Sheriffs’ Association conducted a survey of Sheriffs across Illinois; and,

Whereas, ninety percent (90%) of those responding support concealed carry in Illinois if adequate training and safeguards are included; and, Whereas, the Illinois Sheriffs’ Association Legislative Committee met on November 19, 2008, and appointed a special committee consisting of Sheriffs from all geographic areas of the state and that committee has met and discussed the specific recommendations for the procedures in obtaining a concealed carry permit; and,

Whereas, the committee has formulated their recommendations to the Executive Board of the Illinois Sheriffs’ Association and the Executive Board has recommended that this resolution be presented to the full body at our General Session on Tuesday, February 3, 2009, at the Winter Training Conference in Moline, Illinois; and,

Whereas, the general provisions of a conceal carry act in Illinois should include the following:

1. Permits should be issued by a state agency to insure consistency in evaluation and screening.

2. Individuals who receive a concealed carry permit should receive adequate training including basic knowledge of firearms, the proper handling of a firearm, live fire exercises for range qualification, instruction and testing on use of force as a citizen including the liability of that use.

3. Applications should be processed by the Sheriff’s office including the ability of the Sheriff to articulate specific reasons why the permit should be denied and those objections should be considered by the state before issuing a permit.

4. For the purpose of officer safety, a concealed carry permit should be an identifiable code, background or other means to show that an individual has been issued a permit to carry a concealed firearm on the person’s driver’s license, FOID card and state identification.

Therefore, be it resolved, this 3rd day of February, 2009, that the Illinois Sheriffs’ Association, by a majority of those voting, support the right of law abiding citizens to possess and carry a concealed firearm for the purpose of protecting their life and families; and be it further resolve that a suitable copy of this resolution be delivered to the General Assembly of the State of Illinois.

For Further Information Contact: Greg Sullivan Executive Director 217-753-2372

Illinois Sheriffs’ Association
401 East Washington
Springfield, Illinois 62701

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Gary Roberts

I lived in Va. for 11years and carried for ten. The crime rate did drop greatly. If the people who are causing the crimes we have in this day and age have to wonder if a person is carrying then they do not try the crime

Lee Noble

I Fully Support A Concealed Carry Law!! Its About Time. Other States Have It And There is a lot Less Crime Because Of it!!!