Nebraska Game and Parks Commission to Again Target Feral Pigs in Harlan County

Nebraska Game and Parks Commission to Again Target Feral Pigs in Harlan County

LINCOLN, Nebraska – -( Nebraska Game and Parks Commission biologists hope to remove a population of feral pigs from Harlan County by the end of February to keep them from becoming a threat to domestic and wild animals, crops and wildlife habitat, according to Sam Wilson, the Commission’s furbearer specialist.

Wilson said the feral pigs are located on the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers property and some private property in the same area. “The Nebraska Game and Parks Commission will again use a helicopter and highly trained professionals from the USDA APHIS Wildlife Services of Nebraska to accomplish removal of the feral pigs. Safety concerns for people and livestock are their top priority,” Wilson said.

[amazon-product alink=”0000FF” bordercolor=”000000″ height=”240″]1592284280[/amazon-product]A similar effort was conducted last year with great success as they killed 69 feral pigs in one day of flying. This year they will fly for two days in hopes of completely eradicating the population or reducing it to a more manageable number to prevent property damage to crops, disease transfer to livestock, and damage to the environment caused by the non-native species.

In addition to the threat of disease, feral pigs cause damage to crops and the ecosystem across the country to the tune of $800 million annually. That’s why state statute requires the Commission to remove feral pigs whenever they are found in Nebraska. If you see feral pigs anywhere in the state please report the observation immediately to the Commission at (402) 471-5174.

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