New York Bowhunters, Inc. Makes Donation for Archery Gear

New York Bowhunters, Inc. Makes Donation for Archery Gear

LaFayette, New York – – -( The National Archery in Schools Program (NASP) has been sweeping across the country over the past five years. After receiving support from the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) in July 2007, the program has successfully been launched here in New York State.

Herm Trombley a physical education teacher from Sandy Creek Central School (SCCS), located in DEC region 7, was trained to be a NASP Instructor. Due to budget constraints, Sandy Creek Central School was unable to purchase equipment for the program. New York Bowhunters, Inc. (NYB) along with other concerned sportsmen’s groups covered the cost of the NASP equipment. When asked what the donation is being used for, Trombley said “This will help put a bow in the hands of about 800 students this year and into the future at SCCS. In the NASP program all the children shoot the same bow at the same distance and using finger release. This is a great opportunity for our children to learn a life long skill.”

NYB President Gary Socola stated “We have been extremely excited about the NASP program and what it has done for our youth in other states and in the countries of Canada and Australia. We’re glad it’s finally in New York, a state rich in archery tradition”. For the past three years Socola attended summits held by the North American Bowhunting Coalition and at each summit, Roy Grimes President of NASP gave an update on where the program stood in North America. Grimes stated “NASP received more requests for the program from schools in New York State than any other state in the country. I’m glad that the DEC is now working with NASP and private organizations such as NYB to bring the NASP program to New York.”

The SCCS program will be offered in grades 4th thru 12th. The NASP program cost about $2800.00 for all the equipment with the largest donation of $1400.00 coming from New York Bowhunters. The Oswego County Federation of Sportsman and National Wild Turkey Federation also made donations.

New York Bowhunters, Inc. was formed in 1991 to promote bowhunting, educate hunters and non-hunters, and to fight anti-hunting legislation. NYB is currently working with the DEC to establish a southern zone early archery season which will start annually on October 1st.

NYB can be contacted at P.O. Box 619, LaFayette, NY 13084 or by phone at 315-696-6365. To learn more about NYB and the NASP program, or to become a member, please go to our website at