Regarding The One Handgun A Month Defeat in NJ

Regarding The One Handgun A Month Defeat in NJ
The defeat was by one vote against…

New Jersey Outdoor Alliance
New Jersey Outdoor Alliance

New Jersey – -( I’ve been receiving many emails regarding the One Handgun a Month defeat in the senate on Monday. As everyone knows, the NJOA is not a second amendment advocacy group but will become involved in matters that threaten the use of hunting weapons in New Jersey.

As a point of interest (for those who have been writing me or have similar thoughts) I have included the story below. Five of the people that helped defeat the bill (“no” votes, abstentions) are listed. The balance of “no” votes were all by republicans.

This bill will most likely rear again at some point. Those that have an interest in its defeat might consider calling the legislators to thank them for their support. They are most likely under tremendous pressure to change their minds. The legislation has already passed the assembly – which means a change of mind by any of the “no” votes or “abstentions” sends the bill to the governor’s desk for him to sign into law. I wonder whether he would sign it if the legislation is put on his desk? I’m sure that many people have an opinion on the matter.

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N.J. Senate defeats handgun-control bill

TRENTON – A bill that would limit gun buyers to one handgun purchase every 30 days fell one vote short of final legislative approval yesterday when it could not muster enough support in the state Senate.

The plan’s sponsors said limiting the handgun purchases that can be made at one time would fight “straw buys” in which a person with a clean record acquires many guns and passes them to criminals. Opponents argued that New Jersey already had tough gun laws, and that additional burdens would only restrict the rights of law-abiding citizens.

The plan had won approval in the Assembly, and Gov. Corzine has said he would sign it if it reached his desk.

But the plan received only 20 of the 21 “yes” votes yesterday needed for approval. Every Democrat supported the plan except for Senate Majority Leader Stephen Sweeney and State Sen. Fred Madden, both of Gloucester County, and State Sen. Jeff Van Drew (D., Cape May). Every Republican voted no, except for State Sens. Phil Haines (R., Burlington) and Jennifer Beck (R., Monmouth), who abstained. – Jonathan Tamari


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