Ruger P345 KP345PR .45 ACP Handgun

Ruger P345 KP345PR .45 ACP Handgun

Ruger P345 KP345PR .45 ACP Handgun
Ruger P345 KP345PR .45 ACP Handgun

Classification: Handguns
Category: Pistols
Model Name: P345
Manufacturer: Ruger
Model Number: KP345PR 45 ACP – -( This was one sharp-looking pistol, and fit and finish were well done, we thought. The frame was black polymer and the slide was stainless steel. Both components had sculptured panels and functional cutouts, giving the gun a modern look. Ruger has several versions of the P345. One has a blued slide; another has a spring-loaded decocker instead of our version’s non-rebounding, hammer-dropping, ambidextrous safety; yet another is DAO. Our test gun cannot be carried cocked and locked. Your first shot must be double action, unless you take time to manually cock the gun, nothing you’d want to try in a hurry. This P345 had a decent single-action trigger.

The P345’s two magazines each held eight rounds. The fixed, white-dotted sights were bold, and easily seen. The rear was driftable and locked with a set screw. The front was also set into a dovetail. To our joy, the top of the slide was smooth enough that it would not gouge the hand during clearance drills. To our sorrow, the gun could not be fired with the magazine removed, a tactical blunder that many won’t like.

As noted in our previous report, takedown is a bit unusual, though easily done. The odd part is having to reach inside the gun to tip the ejector forward. Inside we found much innovation, from the clever self-retained spring (held within the slide-spring guide) that holds the main cross pin in place; to the flat-wound buffer spring wrapped beneath the slide spring. The guide rod also contained the barrel lockup, and eliminated a lot of the tricky machining of other designs.

Some shooters prefer steel frames on full-size autos. However, a well-designed and constructed polymer frame has advantages, including lower cost to the buyer, inclusion of checkering, weight reduction, and more. The complaints are that plastic frames cannot easily be changed if you don’t like the shape, and often the gun has a

Courtesy, Gun Tests
The P345 had clearly visible white-dot sights, a hand-friendly top, and pleasant lines. The ambidextrous safety dropped the hammer, so first shots have to be DA unless you cock the hammer.

top-heavy feel. This latter did not apply to the Ruger P345, which we thought balanced well even when unloaded.

One of the oddest items we found was the fact that there is no steel within the polymer frame where it touches the stainless slide. The slide runs in plastic. Damnably strong plastic, however, and the system seems to work well.

The P345 tended to shoot high for some of us, especially when in a hurry. We believe the high shots experienced by both test teams came from the shape of the trigger guard, which forced a large gap between the index and second finger. This could be improved if the guard were undercut, so the gun would sit lower in the hand, but that may not be possible. We thought the P345’s grip was nothing like that of a 1911, though they are similar in size.

We shot the three guns with Hungarian 230-grain ball by MFS, PMC’s 185-grain JHP, and with a handload consisting of a 200-grain SWC cast lead bullet traveling at just under 800 fps. The Ruger functioned perfectly with everything. The magazines were easy to load, and we liked the magazine release. We liked the finger cutouts in the polymer frame, and had complete control of our trigger finger. But we didn’t like the Ruger’s DA trigger pull. Just under 12 pounds, it stacked just before the break. The two-stage, single-action trigger required a take-up of 2.3 pounds, and finally broke at 4.8 pounds. Creep was minimal.


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danny s

Got my Ruger P345 a few days ago. What an awesome handgun. You can just about disassemble and reassemble with your eyes closed. Shoots good. Only thing I don't like is the long trigger pull firing double or single action.

Mike McCombs

I don't get the DA trigger pull beef either, Erickson. When pulling from holster that first pull doesn't seem excessive. I converted to the P345 when I got my CHL and my preferred 45 Cal (full sized 1911) proved difficult to conceal and heavy after a while. This piece is very accurate inside 10 meters which is great for self protection purposes. Outside 10 meters 8 inch groupings require a vivid imagination, for me at least. I like this pistol a lot and carry it often trusting it will go boom when/if it is called upon to do so.

danny s

oh yea..and I paid $439 for it new


Mike McCombs is an A-1 idiot with a simpleton's understanding of weapons. I flew with him once and would rather fly in Hind with a student Afghani pilot.

mike snarr

I recently purchased the blued slide P345 and I handled quite a fiew pistols to check on the feel to my arthuritic hands. The grip fits really good, not to much girth as a double stack mag. One of the first things I did was to completely strip the gun and stone every mating surfase inside the slide and frame, and polish the feed ramp. That in itself made the DA trigger pull much smoother with no gritty feeling at all. The next was to lesson several spring tensions within the mag. catch, the triger return, and the little lever… Read more »

LK Erickson

I got a P-345 when they first came out, I don't understand your disapproval of the frist DA trigger pull, this pistol other than my custom kimber would be my carry pistol if it was a little shorter and the grip was smaller. This 45 acp will eatup any ammo and is very safe with the de-cocker, also very accurate. LKE