Sales Up 10% for Manufacturers in Third Quarter

Sales Up 10% for Manufacturers in Third Quarter

$90 MILLION GENERATED FOR CONSERVATION . . . New data from the U.S. Treasury Department show sales by firearm and ammunition manufacturers increased 9.7 percent between July and September when compared to the same period the previous year.

Sales of pistols and revolvers were up 23.6 percent, ammo sales rose 8.4 percent and long gun sales saw a 4.1 percent increase, according to the latest Pittman-Robertson federal excise tax collection report.

Excise taxes are calculated as a percentage of wholesale receipts, paid quarterly by firearm and ammunition manufacturers, and earmarked for state wildlife conservation and habitat restoration programs.

These statistics are based solely on U.S. civilian sales and do not include sales to military, police, etc. During the quarter, $89.7 million was generated for conservation — $19.8 million was collected for pistols and revolvers, $33.2 million for long guns and $36.6 million for ammunition.

The latest tax collections suggest overall sales of $834.2 million, not including retail markup or final retail sales. Total excise tax collections for the federal government’s fiscal year (Oct. 1 to Sept. 30) were $321.9 million.

ENCOURAGE LAWMAKERS TO SUPPORT EXCISE TAX REFORM . . . The National Shooting Sports Foundation encourages all members of the firearms and ammunition industry to voice their support of H.R. 510, legislation that will rectify a longstanding inequity in the collection of the firearms and ammunition excise tax — a major source of wildlife conservation funding. Read more about this vital legislation and encourage your representatives to support the bill.