Tactical Impact on The Sportsman Channel

Tactical Impact on The Sportsman Channel

The Sportsman Channel
The Sportsman Channel

New Berlin, WI – This week, The Sportsman Channel brings you the new episode of Tactical Impact – “Arming the Patrol Officer”. By 3pm on October 26, 1881, the battle lines had been set. If you were alongside the Earp Brothers and Doc Holliday on that fateful day outside the OK Corral, which weapon would you choose? Also, in this week’s installment of “Then & Now”, Tactical Impact tracks the evolution of firearms used to arm patrol officers in the United States including the .38 Special revolver, the Winchester pump-action shotgun, .357 Magnum, semiautomatic pistols and the F2000. Tactical Impact: taking a look at the stories behind the guns that have changed our world.

Tactical Impact airs on The Sportsman Channel Monday at 10:00 p.m., Wednesday at 1:00 a.m. and Thursday at 10:00 p.m. All show times listed are EST. For a complete listing of shows and times, visit www.thesportsmanchannel.com

About Tactical Impact
From clearing a house to mounting a night assault on a fortified enemy, each episode will examine a real-life tactical problem and the arms, accessories, and tactics needed to prevail. Tactical Impact looks through the eyes of the guys who have really been there to tell intriguing stories about the guns that have changed our world.

About The Sportsman Channel
Launched in 2003, The Sportsman Channel is the only network fully devoted to the more than 82 million sportsmen participants in the United States, delivering 100 percent hunting, fishing and shooting programming 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Acquired by InterMedia Outdoors Holdings in 2007, TSC is now a part of the nation’s largest multimedia company targeted exclusively to serving the information and entertainment needs of outdoors enthusiasts. Check out TSC’s new, interactive website and sign up for a free program guide/magazine at www.thesportsmanchannel.com

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Why is the Outdoor Channel logo up? This is a show on The Sportsman Channel


I believe we have fix this error, thanks for helping us out.

Ali Demulling

You have an Outdoor Channel logo on this page, but I think you meant to include The Sportsman Channel logo since Tactical Impact airs on TSC.