This Week on Shooting USA TV Shows: February 17th 2009

This Week on Shooting USA TV Shows

This Week:

The first of the big money handgun matches celebrates 30 years.

Then our guys find out just how hard Bianchi Cup competition really is.

Shooting USA – The Bianchi Cup
It’s the championship of NRA Action Pistol Competition that is better known by the name of the championship trophy – The Bianchi Cup. John Bianchi returns to Columbia, Missouri for the 30th anniversary of the match he co-founded to help create a better image for handgun competition. In 30 years it’s become the most prestigious tournament in the world.

Sighting In with Shooting USA – The Guns of the Bianchi Cup
We’re Sighting In on the highly specialized guns seen in action at the most prestigious of all handgun championships. We’ll show you the custom guns designed to help the top competitors win. Next, 11 Time Champion, Doug Koenig shares his secrets for shooting the Bianchi Cup. Then we’ll see if his coaching helps, as John, Mike and Carlos test their skills shooting the four famous stages of fire.

Shooting USA’s Impossible Shots – Coins and a Cause
Bob Munden shoots coins out of the air with his .45 Colt. Then Jerry Miculek puts on a show for America’ s wounded warriors. Plus, Byron Ferguson takes on some fast-moving aerial targets with his longbow. Brian Speciale hosts the series with the world’s best exhibition shooters.
See it all Wednesday on Outdoor Channel

We Have a Winner:
Freddy Cortez of Rancho Cucamonga, California is the lucky winner of the January Gun of the Month. Freddy wins the Smith & Wesson Model 22A Autoloading 22 Pistol. He thought that would be quite nice, since he had been out shooting a buddy’s 22A last weekend. Now they’ll have two for next weekend’s plinking session.

Magazines go High Tech at FMG Publications:
Our friends at Guns Magazine, and American Cop Magazine are now publishing on-line at no charge to the reader. It’s some of the best editorial you’ll read on the web and now you don’t have to wait for your paper copy to show up, when the postal service decides it’s a working day for them.

Check out Guns Magazine at And American Cop, for our Law Enforcement Viewers at

Kudos to Publisher Roy Huntington for getting you info from the FMG staffers, like Clint Smith, sooner via the internet.

The Travel Schedule:
We’re flying while your reading this note. We hope to see you competing at the IDPA Indoor Nationals this week at the S&W Sport Shooting Center in Springfield, Mass.

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