Washington State: Multiple-Season Hunting Permit Applications Available

Washington State: Multiple-Season Hunting Permit Applications Available

OLYMPIA, Washington – -(OutdoorWire.com)- Deer and elk hunters have until Feb. 28 to enter their name in a drawing for a 2009 multiple-season permit, which can greatly improve their chance of success in the field.

In April, the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) will randomly draw names for 1,500 multiple-season deer permits and 500 multiple-season elk permits.

Winners of the drawing will be eligible to purchase a multiple-season permit allowing them to participate in archery, muzzleloader and modern-firearm general hunting seasons for deer or elk in 2009. Winners of the multiple-season elk permit will be able to participate in general elk-hunting season in both eastern and western Washington. They also may apply for any weapon type deer or elk special permit.

“This is a great opportunity for hunters to extend their hunting season this fall,” said Dave Ware, game manager for WDFW. “Rather than having to choose one hunting method over another, hunters drawn for a multiple-season permit can improve their chance of success by participating in all three seasons.”

Ware noted that the permits can only be used during general seasons and in game management units that are open during a modern firearm, muzzleloader, or archery general season. “In other words, winners may not hunt during the muzzleloader general season in an area that is not open for the muzzleloader general season,” Ware said.

Also, hunters can apply only once for each species and are limited to harvesting one deer or elk.
Hunters may purchase a multiple-season permit application at an authorized license dealer, listed at http://wdfw.wa.gov/lic/vendors/vendors.htm , or by calling (866) 246-9453. The permit application is $5.48 for residents and $54.75 for nonresidents.

A 2009 hunting license is not required to submit an application, but winners of the drawing must purchase one before they can purchase a multiple-season tag.

Hunting licenses and multi-season tags can be purchased from local license dealers, on the Internet at fishhunt.dfw.wa.gov/ or by calling (866) 246-9453. Multiple-season deer or elk tags cost $164.25 for residents and $1,642.50 for nonresidents, including transaction fees. These figures do not include the cost of an annual hunting license.

For more information, visit WDFW’s website at http://wdfw.wa.gov/ , or call the licensing department at (360) 902-2464.