‘An American Historian’ and ‘Twilight Of A Continent’ DVD

‘An American Historian’ and ‘Twilight Of A Continent’
The most compelling video on being a wildlife artist, historian, hunter and conservationist ever produced . . .

"An American Historian" and "Twilight Of A Continent" DVD
"An American Historian" and "Twilight Of A Continent" DVD

Gunnison, Colorado  – -(AmmoLand.com)- For over 30 years, world-renowned wildlife artist–Gary R. Swanson’s films-An American Historian and Twilight of a Continent, were almost lost to history forever!

Teaming with Rocky Mountain Television, these never before seen or released historical films have been totally remastered, digitally enhanced and converted to DVD, and include new historic footage, as well as exclusive “behind the scenes” interviews with Gary R. Swanson and his family.

Originally produced in 1978 with the remarkable team talents of cinematographer/Editor of Petersen’s Hunting Magazine-Basil Bradbury; the editing talents of Joe Morrisey-producer of The Love Boat and Charlie’s Angels; and the dynamic voice of Rick Jason-Lt. Hanley from the TV show-COMBAT… An American Historian and Twilight of a Continent, chronicle the life and artistic wildlife painting career of Gary R. Swanson.

“Both films feature some of the most exciting, up-close and in-your-face” wildlife video from both North America and Africa that you will ever see,” says Andy Lightbody of Rocky Mountain Television/Productions. “The DVD runs a full 90-minutes with non-stop action, adventure and danger that Swanson went through to be one of the world’s truly GREATEST wildlife artists of all times. Swanson is to wildlife painting today, as Fredric Remington was to painting and capturing the moments of the Old West.”

The DVD also announces to art collectors, historians and sportsmen who have collected and cherished Swanson’s art work over his 40-year career, that he also came out of retirement to produce one additional painting/limited edition print-MOMENTS CAPTURED.

“Rediscovering An American Historian and Twilight of a Continent films, was truly the inspiration for me to decide to do one more painting in my career,” says Gary R. Swanson. “I retired from painting, over 5 years ago and said to my family, my friends and the collectors of my paintings, there would probably not be another one.

However, I felt that with these films finally being made available to the public, there was something I had to say on canvas to truly make this something extremely special. MOMENTS CAPTURED, is indeed that special offering that I hope will be my legacy and my thank you to everyone.”

An American Historian and Twilight of a Continent will go on sale nationally in the spring of 2009 at museums, art galleries, and sporting goods stores across the nation. RMTV has teamed with the Hi Def Media Group (HDMG), for national distribution of the DVD. HDMG is a leading DVD replicator and national distributor for other DVDs and award winning programs from NASCAR racer-Jeff Gordon; World renown wrester-Hulk Hogan; and the famous Tae Bo personal workout series.

Copies are available now, for $9.95, plus $4.95 S&H.

ORDER BY CREDIT CARD-800-759-1841 or online at www.swansonpainting.net