April NEBRASKAland Magazine Features Wild Hogs and Tent Camping

April NEBRASKAland Magazine Features Wild Hogs and Tent Camping

LINCOLN, Neb. – -(AmmoLand.com)- The April issue of NEBRASKAland Magazine contains interesting articles about a variety of outdoor subjects from tent camping to the efforts of biologists to save the endangered pallid sturgeon, and from hunting wild hogs from a helicopter to flying modern kites.

There is an article entitled “Shoemaker Marsh,” by Senior Editor Jon Farrar, who describes the saline wetland located on the north edge of Lincoln that was purchased by the city to preserve a piece of Nebraska’s most rare ecosystem.

In “Couple Camping,” Omaha teacher Matthew Marx describes how to enjoy an early spring tent camping trip at state parks across Nebraska.

NEBRASKAland Magazine Editor Doug Carroll’s article “Wild Hogs at Harlan” describes biologists’ efforts to eradicate a herd of feral hogs at Harlan County Reservoir. The wild porkers can carry disease and to keep them from becoming a threat to domestic and wild animals, crops and wildlife habitat, state and federal wildlife officials used a helicopter and aerial gunner to shoot the hogs in dense cover. Feral hogs cause damage to crops and the ecosystem across the country to the tune of an estimated $800 million annually. That’s why state statute requires the Commission to remove feral pigs whenever they are found in Nebraska.

Nebraska’s wild turkey numbers are booming and the birds have captured the interest and imagination of hunters and nonhunters alike. In “A Wild Turkey Year,” Regional Editor Rocky Hoffmann describes wild turkey behavior season-by-season throughout the year.

The evidence that times are constantly changing is all around us, but one never thought they’d see such dramatic changes as have occurred in kites and kite flying. One has to admit it’s been a while, but the last time anyone looked, the typical kite was a misshapen diamond design with a long tail. To see what has happened to kites while you weren’t paying attention, take a look at the article “Go Fly a Kite,” by Elizabeth Mack of Omaha. The designs are … well, you’ll just have to take a look.

The article “Saving a Living Dinosaur” by fisheries biologist Kirk Steffensen of Lincoln describes how biologists are catching endangered pallid sturgeon from the Missouri River on trotlines in an effort to help the species.

There are also short features on Arbor Day, a wildlife sanctuary called Heron Haven located, in of all places, northwest Omaha, a guide to canoeing, this month’s portraits from the past, outdoor news and information from across the state, and readers comments.

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