Darkwoods Blinds & DEWALT MOBILELOCK GPS Anti-Theft Systems

Darkwoods Blind Now Offers the DEWALT MOBILELOCK GPS Anti-Theft Systems

Darkwoods Blind
Darkwoods Blind

Darkwoodsblind.com – -(AmmoLand.com)- Darkwoods Blind is pleased to announce it has become a dealer for the DEWALT MOBILELOCK GPS Anti-Theft Systems.

Dewalt Mobilelock Gps Anti-Theft Systems
Dewalt Mobilelock Gps Anti-Theft Systems

When hunting in a Darkwoods Blind, you’ll experience peace, comfort, mobility and security unparalleled to that of any other blind. And, now you can enjoy peace of mind when away from your portable Darkwoods Blind as well. All Darkwoods Blinds now come with the optional upgrade of the new DEWALT MOBILELOCK™ GPS locator with built-in anti-theft alarms.

This innovative, wireless system monitors your blind no matter its location. Mount the MOBILELOCK on the inside or outside of the blind. Vibration sensors can then be activated to alert if the blind is being stolen or vandalized, and a door-contact sensor can be activated to alert if someone enters the blind.

The user simply places a phone call or goes online to arm the MOBILOCK unit. He or she can also program an arm/disarm schedule. If one of the built-in sensors is tripped, the MOBILELOCK alarm is triggered and the siren is activated (can be silent if preferred). Within seconds, the user receives a phone call or e-mail alerting them of the situation. Up to three people can be called as well as three text messages or e-mails sent.

MOBILELOCK provides a flexible, portable solution for security and 24/7 blind management. On-line locating is available 24/7 featuring Microsoft Virtual Earth mapping. Locate your blind through the website or through a phone menu system. PIR motion is available as an accessory.


  • GPS Locator
  • Alarm Notification
  • Customizable Features
  • Portable/Wireless
  • Easy to use


  • DS500 MOBILELOCK™ GPS Locator with Anti-theft Alarm — $499
  • DS510K MOBILELOCK™ Indoor Motion Detector Kit — $599
  • DS505K MOBILELOCK™ Extended Runtime Kit — $599
  • DS525 MOBILELOCK™ for 12/24 volt Power Supply — $99

This Exclusive GPS custom-installation feature is only found in a Darkwoods Blind.

For more info, call 405.520.6754, or visit www.darkwoodsblind.com.