Day 6 Outdoors Flat-Out Feeder

Day 6 Outdoors Flat-Out Feeder

Columbus, GA – -( We live in a fast-food world for a reason. Between work, family and other obligations, time is a precious commodity of which we have little to spare. If you’re always on the go, then look to the Day VI Flat-Out Feeder as your speedy, hassle-free option for feeding the wildlife on your property.

Other feeders on the market require hunters to make frequent trips to the feed site to replace batteries, unclog feeder jams, fix spinners or check feed levels, but not the Flat-Out Feeder. With a design that requires no assembly, no tripods and no ladders, the Flat-Out Feeder is quicker to set up and easier to refill than any other feeder out there. It doesn’t get any simpler.

Day 6 Outdoors Flat-Out Feeder
Day 6 Outdoors Flat-Out Feeder

Operating on the natural law of gravity, the Flat-Out Feeder doesn’t depend on motors or batteries, which require maintenance and can malfunction or go dead. Instead the feeder height lowers as the feed level goes down, so you can visually assess the feeder status at long distances. For example, half-height means the feeder is half full. You’ll keep wildlife disturbance to a minimum by eliminating the need to check out the feeder at close proximity, which contaminates it with human scent.

Its compact design allows the Flat-Out Feeder to fit easily on most ATV racks for transportation to remote feeding sites. One person can easily set up the empty, collapsed feeder, which weighs less than 40 pounds, within a matter of minutes.

The waist-high pouring height makes filling the feeder safe and convenient by eliminating the danger of climbing ladders with heavy feed bags, and the large 250-pound capacity keeps refill trips to a minimum.

With a unique design that eliminates feed clogs and feeder malfunctions, the Flat-Out Feeder is the answer to your game-management needs. For more info, check out

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