FFLguard Assists With Conclusion Of Litigation Between Reds Trading Post And ATF

FFLguard Assists With Conclusion Of Litigation Between Red’s Trading Post And ATF

Twin Falls, Idaho – -(AmmoLand.com)- Red’s Trading Post, Inc. (Red’s) of Twin Falls, Idaho and the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) have reached an agreement that terminates the litigation between them in the U. S. District Court in Boise, Idaho.

To help facilitate the agreement, Red’s engaged FFLGuard (www.fflguard.com), a program run by attorneys who cooperatively represent approximately one hundred (100) retail firearms dealers across the country. FFLGuard offers its clients ongoing guidance with both firearms compliance issues, and the legalities involved with retail firearms operations. The FFLGuard clients pay one yearly fee based on the client’s execution of simple conditions and guidelines – and in a time of need, FFLGuard attorneys step in to regulate any potentially compromising legal situation without additional fees.

Through teamwork and proactivity, FFLGuard clients from coast-to-coast utilize one, unified group of firearms lawyers who share and disseminate both information and legal advice among all participating clients, no different than the individual stores in a corporate “box” chain of stores who report to – and receive advice from – one central legal department. FFLGuard maintains constant interaction with its clients through, among other cutting edge methods, its comprehensive “clients only” website, its 24/7 e-mail and telephone availability at (888) FFL-GRD1 (888-335-4731), the implementation of its “Law Plus Guidelines” at each client’s establishment to enhance internal controls, and its offering of affordable rates to promote proactive retailer training and independent spot checks. To this end, FFLGuard has been instrumental in the continued, uninterrupted operations of its clientele.

The FFLGuard concept is an “outside the box, big picture” solution to delivering legal representation to FFL retailers by bona fide firearms counsel without bankrupting the client with exorbitant legal fees, and while progressively addressing issues before they reach critical mass. “Chris Chiafullo, FFLGuard’s Chief Counsel, and the other lawyers at FFLGuard have the best interests of the independent retail firearms dealer in mind – whether it be from a business, legal or financial perspective. That FFLGuard viewpoint is in alignment with ATF’s goal to preserve public safety and insure retail dealers are in compliance at all times,” said Ryan Horsley, owner and operator of Red’s. “Thanks to FFLGuard’s involvement in my business, I have fine-tuned everything to the extent to where I can now put the past behind me and concentrate on selling firearms for another 100 years,” Mr. Horsely stated.
More information about the FFLGuard program can be found by contacting (888) 335-4731 or online at www.fflguard.com.