Frigid Forage Expands Reach to Michigan

Frigid Forage Expands Reach to Michigan

Frigid Forage
Frigid Forage

ONAMIA, Minn. – -( Those in Michigan can now enjoy the benefits of using Frigid Forage’s food plot forages in cold climates. Located in Northern Minnesota, Frigid Forage is developed, grown and produced in our nation’s ‘ice box.’ A new partnership with John A. Van Den Bosch Company – a leader in feed products since 1932 – will allow for distribution in Michigan.

“Frigid Forage is excited about this new partnership with a long-standing family-owned business in Michigan such as the John A. Van Den Bosch Company. We have identified demand in Michigan and are pleased that this partnership will pave the road for our expansion into northern states and make it easier for clients to purchase Frigid Forage products,” says John Barsody, owner of Frigid Forage.

As a member of the American Deer & Wildlife Alliance (ADWA), Frigid Forage plays a role in supporting the farmers and landowners who invest in their land, and therefore keeping rural lands from becoming urbanized. ADWA Director of Operations Annie Jones says, “Frigid Forage has built a reputation on providing hardy, weather tolerant food plots used by our members – whether for hunting grounds or deer and elk farming.”

With an extensive line of food plot seeds and products such as the ‘Buck Pucks’ and ‘Monster Rack’ minerals, Frigid Forage aims to produce larger bucks and create a healthier deer herd. “Our proven annual and perennial seeds will attract and hold deer and other wildlife on your land, providing increased hunting and wildlife-viewing opportunities for years to come,” adds Barsody. “Our customers put their hard-earned money and a lot of effort into their food plots, so they better make it to hunting season. This is something Frigid Forage understands.”

To learn more about the John A. Van Den Bosch Company and their tradition of excellence, please visit .  For more information on the American Deer & Wildlife Alliance, a national non-profit organization working to promote the wildlife industry, please see

To see how Frigid Forage can help to provide larger, healthier game, and to learn more about food plots, see for extensive ‘how-to’ information and to learn more about their extensive product line.

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