Laserlyte Laser Trainer – Product Review

Laserlyte Laser Trainer – Product Review
A cool gun control training tool that is loads of fun!

Laserlyte Universal Laser Trainer
Laserlyte Universal Laser Trainer

Manasquan, NJ – -( The all new Universal Laser Trainer made by Laserlyte is a great fun tool to improve your gun handling at anytime – No Range Required!

We received our Universal Laser Trainer in the mail from Laserlyte.  The shipping time was super fast and within minuets of reading the simple directions we had the Universal Laser Trainer running in our trusty Sig Mosquito plinking pistol.

Laserlyte Universal Laser Trainer Deployed in a SIG Mosquito 22L
Laserlyte Universal Laser Trainer Deployed in a SIG Mosquito 22L

The Laserlyte Universal Laser Trainer comes in typical packaging with lots of easy to read directions on both sides of the header card.

Note:  Do not cut through the enclosed header card as it has a printed inside that you can fold out for more detailed instructions.

Set up and installation was easy with the clear step by step instructions:

  • 1st Unload and then recheck that your Firearms and clip is unloaded.
  • Unpack and remove the plastic separator between the batteries.
  • Next chose the correct adapter to fit your firearms.  The Laserlyte Universal Laser Trainer fits .22 through .50 cal.  We used the smallest one for .22 cal to fit the SIG Mosquito we had at arms reach.  When installing the small adapter we found it worked best when we screwed the proper screw all the way down through the adapter before starting to screw it on to the Laser Trainer.
  • Now just slide it into the business end of the barrel on your firearm, ours was tight the first time so we just backed off the screw a little until we had a snug fit.
  • Just a twist of the Laser to the on position and we were good to go.

Firing this is great fun at home or in the office and we were soon taking pretend shots at the included target.   The laser is pretty bright and can be seen in any indoor light condition.  We also found it was great fun to point out the window at some unsuspecting Grey Squirrels.

Note: No Squirrels were harmed in the testing of this product at our secluded location.

Laserlyte Universal Laser Trainer installed in a SIG Mosquito
Laserlyte Universal Laser Trainer installed in a SIG Mosquito

The training potential of this item was quickly realized when it was pointed out that I was pulling to the right slightly every time I pulled the trigger.   This could be clearly seen while using the Laserlyte Universal Laser Trainer in Constant On Mode.   With the feedback from the trainer I was easily able to correct this quirk.

Laserlyte Universal Laser Trainer Packaging Details
Laserlyte Universal Laser Trainer Packaging Details

So over all a very cool training aid and I have to say we must have fired it 100+ times today and now can not wait to get back to the range.

Note: A very cool thing the Laserlyte Trainer does that is not mentioned anywhere is that when the Laser Trainer is in constant on mode it works just like a LaserLyte Bore Sighter.  Sweeet~:)

LaserLyte Laser Training System Specifications:

• Product Number: LT-1
• Compatible Firearms: .22-.50 caliber, minimum three inch barrel
• Power Output: Class IIIA, 5mw
• Batteries: 3-A76, 3-377
• Battery Life: 1.5 hours plus
• Weight: 1.3 oz., 36.85 g
• Minimum Diameter: 0.2 in., 5.08 mm
• Maximum Diameter: 0.61 in., 15.49 mm
• Length: 6.125 in., 155.58 mm
• MSRP: $79.95

LaserLyte, the leader in laser technology, is the shooting and hunting division of P&L Industries.  The company strives to heighten the experience of shooting by offering high quality, competitively priced lasers and other firearms accessories.  For more information about LaserLyte and its complete line of products contact:

Get yourself one today at

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Great Idea, poor execution. I got the trainer and it worked about 50 times. The Constant on worked fine. I took the batteries out and tried again the next day. No joy! Called LaserLyte and they sent a new "sound module" (the brass cylinder). Again, it worked for a short period, then constant-on became erratic. Called them and they sent a whole new unit. Worked for a short period of time, then no-go in either mode. Replaced the batteries and it worked for about 10 firings after much fussing with it (batteries in and out, turn brass cylinder, etc.) Very… Read more »


A Clarification: Please see my post above. After emailing Laserlyte again, I finally got definitive answers to my questions and speculations. They state the LT-1 is accurate to 4 inches at 100 yards, and about an inch at 25 yards. This is more than good enough for pistol training. As far as battery life goes, they explained that in continuous mode it is about 1-1/2 hours. But in intermittent – training mode – they claim about 2000 shots per set of batteries. That is plenty too and more than reasonable, considering its price. Based on these I can give the… Read more »


Jimmy: Awesome field report keep up the great work!


I purchased this item, want to clarify some things. 1. You need at least a 3 inch barrel. 2. The unit runs continuously, so the batteries will last only about 1-1/2 hrs, which can work by finding a cheap source of bulk batteries. 3. It CAN be used for decent sight checking for SD pistols (within limits, see below). My observations: Because of the battery life, it is best used as an addition to dry firing, to check how you are doing. Laserlyte sells 12 batteries for $12, which should be about 6 hours of useage. If you use the… Read more »


I just purchased the LaserLyte LT-1 and was impressed. However in changing out the batteries, the little spring on the brass battery holder broke. Now I have to wait for a replacement. I am somewhat disappointed that the folks didn't have a better design that protects that little spring from damage.

Overall, though it is a good product. Hopefully, I will also be impressed with their customer service.

Dany Pedriani

This laser device work perfect with iMarksman Target system.