NJ Bow Hunting Bills – The Antis Have Ramped Up! Help Us Fight Back!

NJ Bow Hunting Bills – The Antis Have Ramped Up! Help Us Fight Back!

New Jersey Outdoor Alliance
New Jersey Outdoor Alliance

Trenton, New Jersey – -(AmmoLand.com)- It appears that the opposition forces have ramped up. They are desperate to maintain their grip over us. They don’t want us to experience our rightful freedoms to fish, hunt and trap.

During the last 24 hours the bow bills have become a national issue. The national forces of HSUS, Sierra, Horse Riders and others are panicked and enraged and have mobilized to keep us in our place. They are gathering their financial strength and calling up personnel from all over the country to browbeat our legislators into defeating the bow bills. Make no mistake – this is a culture war. A war waged by people that need to control the way people live their lives. It is all of the ugliness of prejudice – it is a prejudice against outdoorsmen and outdoorswomen under a veneer of self-righteousness.

It is all on the line. It is Panter and Karcher all over again. They know that to lose this battle is to begin to lose the war.

If we are to ever get out from under their grip we must act NOW. We must flood our legislators with emails over the weekend and call their offices Monday morning.

We need every ones help, even if you have never been to New Jersey, please email.

Here’s how to email:

If you don’t live in NJ you can use the NRA-ILA CapWiz tool, found at the following link.


It would be helpful if you also emailed the Natural Resoucre Committe heads.


We need you to email the General Assembly Persons.  Please click through each assembly person and use the webform link found on the contact tab page.  By letting CapWiz save your info you can quickly email everyone with the auto fill feature and by using the sample email below.  Feel free to edit the emails.

If you live in NJ you can use the same tool above or through states website, the tool above maybe more efficient.

To email your two assembly persons through the state of NJ website click the following link. Find for your town. Then click on your district for your assembly persons. Then click on your assembly  person’s NAME. It will take you to their home page and there’s a link that says “Contact your Legislator.” Click it.


Take down their phone numbers while you are on their home page and begin calling their offices Monday morning.

Do it in the name of the mentors that introduced you to the outdoors, do it for yourselves, do it for future generations – whatever your reasons just do it! You won’t get another chance!


Anthony P. Mauro, Sr.
New Jersey Outdoor Alliance: “Because a lot happens behind our backs while we’re enjoying the outdoors.”

Sample email ——————————————————————————-

Vote Yes on Bills A595 Bow Perimeter Change and A1669 Sunday Bow Hunting

Dear Assembly Person:

Please vote Yes to expand the hunting opportunity of Bow Hunters in NJ.

You actions by supporting these bills, will improve and expand one of the great hunting traditions of our ancestors, grandfathers and fathers.

This increased access for bow hunters will be a great benefit to the hard working individuals that work 6 days a week and will also allow personal property owners more options of places to hunt in an ever increasingly populated NJ.

Please vote to support bills A595, Bow Perimeter Change, and A1669 Sunday Bow Hunting.


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This is a big deal to get passed even if you will never bow hunt. Passing any improvement in hunting opportunity's in NJ helps beat back the anti hunting agenda and getting any hunting on Sunday opens the door to more hunting sports getting the option to hunt Sunday during their individual seasons.