NJOA Action Alert: Help New Jersey Bow Hunters Call Right Now 3/13/09

NJOA Action Alert: Help New Jersey Bow Hunters Call Right Now 3/13/09

New Jersey – -(AmmoLand.com)- NJ A595 Bow Perimeter Change and A1669 Sunday Bow Hunting Bills are being voted on today and 4 Assemblymen are on the fence.

We need your calls right at this moment as they are gonna vote for which ever side has the most calls.

Please call these 2 districts (4 assemblypersons) regardless where you live. Ask them to support A1669 and A595 (Sunday Bow and Bow Perimeter.)


District 19
Joseph Vas (732) 324-5955
John Wisniewski (732) 316-1885

District 37
Gordon Johnson (201) 541-1118
Valerie Vainieri Huttles (201) 541-1118

All three calls will take you less than 2 minutes total! (One number is for two assemblypersons)

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