NJOA: Congratulations! NJ Bow Bills Pass

NJOA: Congratulations! Bow Bills Pass

New Jersey Outdoor Alliance
New Jersey Outdoor Alliance

Trenton, NJ – -(AmmoLand.com)- The votes have been cast and bills A595 (perimeter bill) and A-1669 (Sunday Bow) passed the assembly overwhelmingly!

Bill A1669/S-802 (Sunday Bow) now heads to the Governor. A595 was amended and approved in the assembly and goes back to the senate (S976) for a vote. It was approved overwhelmingly the first time it was considered and a majority vote will send it to the Governor.

(click here for details on emailing the Governor)

Unity is what has brought success with these bills – unity among all outdoorsmen and outdoorswomen. Anglers, such as JCAA and ReefRescue, testified on behalf of the bills while they were considered in committee. I also approached the angling community to call their legislators in support of the bills – and they responded. United Bow Hunters worked hard to create the bills and made sure a representative was with me in Trenton yesterday helping to educate law makers as to the purpose and benefits of the bills. NJSFSC (Federation) put their efforts and resources behind moving the bills.

It will take unity to ensure the Governor signs Sunday Bow. It will take unity to make sure the senate votes for the Bow Perimeter bill and send it to the Governor. However, make no mistake in thinking it is time to pat ourselves on the back. The animal rights groups are forming a coalition to defeat these bills with groups like Sierra, NY/NJ Trail, HSUS, Peta, Horse Riders, etc. They are contacting their accomplices at the NY Times to have their half-truths published and are badgered the Speaker of the Assembly to derail the bills. They are also hiring a lobbyist to advance their agenda.

We should now be contacting our legislators to thank them for their votes. Democrats as well as Republicans voted in the majority for these bills. As outdoorsmen and outdoorswomen it is important to recognize those that support our issues regardless of party affiliation.

Remember, unity is the reason for our progress – unity will be the reason for our ultimate success.

Thank you all for your support. I will be sending more information regarding the bills shortly. Keep up the momentum – let’s return conservation and an outdoors culture back to New Jersey!


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