Rewards to be Paid for Information Received in Two Nebraska Deer Poaching Cases

Rewards to be Paid for Information Received in Two Nebraska Deer Poaching Cases
LINCOLN, Neb. — -( The Nebraska Wildlife Protector’s Association, the parent organization behind the Nebraska Wildlife Crimestoppers (NWC), will pay three individuals rewards for information that resulted in successful prosecution of game law violators in two poaching cases.

Raymond Boehler, 65, of Grand Island, was fined $50 for shooting wildlife from a roadway, assessed $44 in court costs, and ordered to pay $750 liquidated damages in Dawes County Court following an incident in which he illegally killed a deer near Crawford.

Nebraska Game and Parks Commission Conservation Officer Dan Kling said two hunters from Georgia were hunting in a field with permission of the landowner when they saw Boehler shoot from the road and kill a whitetail buck in that same field. Boehler left the area and returned later to retrieve the deer, at which time he was confronted by the landowner and the Georgia hunters.

Conservation Officer Murray Johnson, who coordinates NWC for the Commission said the two hunters voluntarily returned to Nebraska to present testimony in the case and will receive awards from NWC.

In the second incident, Lowell T. Wittgow, 32, of Stanton, was fined $100 for hunting without permission, $50 for shooting wildlife from a roadway, $50 for violating deer hunting regulations, assessed $44 in court costs and ordered to pay $750 liquidated damages in Cherry County Court. He had shot a mule deer from the road with a bow and arrow on a white-tailed deer permit. The incident occurred north of Whitman. The person who provided Conservation Officer Heath Packett information pertaining to the violations will receive a reward.

If you witness or have knowledge of a game law violation, you are encouraged to call the NWC toll-free hotline, 1-800-742-7627.

Everyone should do what they can to help put poachers out of business.

The mission of the Nebraska Game and Parks Commission is stewardship of the state’s fish, wildlife, park, and outdoor recreation resources in the best long-term interests of the people and those resources. To accomplish that purpose, the Commission plans and implements its policies and programs efficiently and objectively; maintains a rich and diverse environment in Nebraska’s lands and waters; provides outdoor recreation opportunities; manages wildlife resources for the maximum benefit of the people; and attempts to help Nebraskans appreciate their role in the natural world.

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