Ruddy Duck Decoy by John Nelson

Ruddy Duck Decoy by John Nelson

Ruddy Duck Decoy by John Nelson
Ruddy Duck Decoy by John Nelson
John Nelson Wood Carving
John Nelson Wood Carving

Kenai Peninsula, Alaska – -( My name is John Nelson. Carving is my full-time occupation and passion, and has been since about 1980.

I make my home on Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula, a beautiful and rugged land. Each of my carvings is a one-of-a-kind, hand carved and individually painted work of love.

All creations are carved of native Alaska Spruce, cut here on the Kenai Peninsula by small, privately owned sawmills. Each finished work is signed and dated, and carries the “Made In Alaska” logo of authenticity. No two pieces are alike, each an individual creation reflecting the spirit and wonder of the North Land. Unlike mass-produced carvings currently being marketed, my shop houses no duplicating machines, no airbrushes, no imported wood. All my work is done by hand, one-at-a-time.

Please browse through the photos of my creations. It is my pleasure to share with you carvings of some of the Arctic wildlife that graces the mountains and woodlands of my homeland. From the little Chickadee to the lordly Brown Bear, each specie finds a home in this wild part of the world, and can now live in your home.

All my carvings are sold with a guarantee of your satisfaction and the understanding that you may return anything for a refund if you aren’t completely pleased.

Note: You can buy the above duck at

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Sherry Marks

Hi John
I have a question for you. I resently purchased a wood carving
Of two cardinals on a tree branch. The piece is sign by John Nelson and I’m wondering if you are the artist. If you are can you tell me what year you created this piece? Thank you

Mike Grierson

Hello John,just gave my sister a loon you carved in 1995,beautiful piece.You sure do great work.It is a common loon,full size and I imagine it was done when you lived in Texas?….Mike


Hello John, I have 2 hand carved duck decoys found in 1967 on Kodiak Island. Just recently, I saw an identical one in the Oct 2017 issue of Sporting Classics, top of page 200. the other one could be from CA OR Oregon, In hopes that you may know people who enjoy antique duck decoys, I emailing you, maybe you might know someone who may be interested in them. Thank you and HAPPY SPRING. JAMES


Hello John.. I have always loved duck decoys and ducks, period. I have always wanted to carve but I really lack the patience. Nice work!