Country Recording Artist, Wade Kimes, Declares: Take Your Stand with In My Land

Country Recording Artist Declares: Take Your Stand with In My Land
Listen to the 2nd amendment anthem.

Nashville, Tn – -( I’m Royal Wade Kimes, Nashville Recording Artist. I’ve been fortunate enough in the music business to write and sing some million seller songs, and win a few awards along the way.

I’m the product of the late Eddy Arnold, and recently was named the Marty Robbins of the 21st Century. What kid, or adult could ask for more than that? It has been a ride, and hopefully it will continue. However, there comes a time when fame, money and all that goes with it has to take a backseat.

Not so long ago I recognized a problem taking root “In My land.” Some of the people I knew didn’t want to be rubbing shoulders with gun carrying Americans. Suddenly I realized my status in America had changed from a Patriot to a “bad guy with a gun.” I found myself wondering how and when did this happen. I won’t linger on the answer…the fact is it did happen.

So I had to make a decision. Would I not talk about guns around those who were so against them? Would I just stay quiet for fear I would rock the boat and lose a dollar? Would I stay quiet so I would be sure to get the big-paying gig next month? The answer was NO.

The Second Amendment, the Bill Of Rights comes before the dollar. Maybe I won’t be the richest man in the country, but I will make a stand for my country, freedom, and liberty. What good is all the money in the world if you’re not free, and you’re not free once your right to keep and bear arms is gone. That brings me to what I want to say here.

We don’t live in a peaceful country anymore. The reason I say that is, we are overrun with people whose agenda is to take our guns away. Folks we don’t live in the same world as our grandparents. Turn on your television, every day someone is marching, protesting something, and too much of it is protesting against my way of life. Folks they’re making headway, they’re winning. Never have so few changed so much for so many as they have in America in the last decade alone.

It’s Enough. It’s time for us, the everyday Americans who believe in the Second Amendment to take to the streets; it’s time for us to be visible. Turn off that motor to the forklift, pull your tractor-trailer over, call your boss and tell him you won’t be in today, take that week off to be seen fighting for what you believe in. Take your stand, because you are an American, and you my friends may not know it yet, but you are the front line.

Thanks for your time.

Royal Wade Kimes is the author of the song “In MY Land”. (Go to to listen.) This song is being called the Second Amendment Anthem and was performed for sixty-eight thousand at a recent NRA convention. The song appears on a rifle made by Taylor’s & Company. To learn more about Wade, his books and his music, go to

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