Alliant Powder Launches New and Improved Website

Alliant Powder Launches New and Improved Website

Alliant Powder's New Website
Alliant Powder's New Website

Alliant Powder
Alliant Powder

ONALASKA, Wis. – -(  Alliant Powder has launched a new and improved website at

Using important statistical information from its site users, the company tailored the user experience to the needs of its regular visitors. The site houses the latest product information, recipes and testimonials from satisfied customers.

Web statistics provided foundation for content flow:
Alliant Powder based the information architecture of its new website on input directly from its users. The company wanted to make sure the site was a reflection of the way real visitors use the content. As a result, visitors will find recipe information, testimonials and new product details up front and center.

Site highlights new recipes, products

The following areas stand out as most prevalent on the site:

  • New recipes: If you’re an avid reloader looking for the latest recipe information to charge up your favorite caliber, you’ll see the Latest Recipes area.
  • New products: Products like 20/28, Reloader 17 and the new Power Pro series are highlighted for a quick look at their benefits to the reloader.
  • Customer testimonials: The site features comments from customers—and even a record setting accomplishment achieved using Alliant Powder.

According to Mihai Moldoveanu, web projects manager, “The new site is based on a broader web strategy that puts the focus on the user and how they access information. We feel this site has reached a great balance between functionality and aesthetic appeal—we look forward to seeing how our customers enjoy it.”

See to check out the new site.

Alliant’s origins as a gunpowder manufacturer can be traced back more than 125 years to the DuPont Company, whose leadership position in the explosives industry is legendary. DuPont’s divestiture in 1912 created the Hercules Power Company as an independent entity, and eventually resulted in Alliant becoming America’s premier gunpowder manufacturer.

The long, proud history of Alliant Powder began in 1872 as Laflin & Rand, later to become Hercules Powder Company — the most respected name in the reloading industry.

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Robert Turner

Will throw out my remaining stock of reloader 7 sense you have forgotten about all of us old shooters who like the older calibers 30 herrett, 357 herrett ect. Hate to start over when components get discontuned but looks like i will have to start from scratch .thanks for letting me vent.

J. Connno

Did Alliant, in 2008 put out a reloading warning about using “Blue Dot” powder in certain calibers or bullet weights
that should be hereto today?

Stacy St.Pe'

having trouble finding alliant power pro 2000.used it for 243. 308. 6.5 sweed..What is a great powder for a replacement for these cal. thanks what do u sugest.

tony rossetta

reloading info data etc 6.5 creedmoore cartridge any brand bullets or powder


When are you going to sell 2400 powder again

ron kirk

I am looking for a medium velocity load for the .41 mag. w/Herco powder can you help, Thanks, RON KIRK.

Larry Kmoch

I have been doing some searching for Black Mag 3 powder, which is a substitute for black powder. The original maker had safety issues that caused them to quit production (explosion and fire ). I understand Alliant has purchased Black Mag 3 for whatever reason. I doubt they just wanted to own it without creating some type ty0pe of return. I had nothing but good to say about the original Black Mag 3 and would like to see it back in production and for sale ASAP . Is that a possibility. Larry Kmoch


could you send me som info on new powder called black. im new to reloading black powder loads for my 45 lc uberti


This may be a long shot; but do you still have the 20/28 powder? If so, are you interested in selling it?
Please call me @ 541-621-3890


When using Black MZ powder is the charge the same as for common black powder?

L W Blake

I recently purchased Alliant 20/28 powder with the intention of reloading 12 ga shotshells. I am disappointed with the recipes available. The only ones available for Remington hulls call for SP-12 wads and these do not fill the hull enough to make acceptable crimps. A Winchester f114 wad would fit much better but no information is available on chamber pressure and velocity. Surely more research has been done than what is shown in the reloaders guide.

wendell ayers

Reloaders Guide not user friendly. After selecting a load, cannot return to Guide without starting over.