Cacapon, Wv 3-D Archery Range Opens for the Season

Cacapon, Wv 3-D Archery Range Opens for the Season

Cacapon, West Virginia – -( The new 3-D Archery Course at Cacapon State Park in Morgan County is now open for the 2009 season. The course, which was unveiled to the public in fall 2008, highlights a fresh recreational opportunity in West Virginia State Parks – shooting sports.

“The 3-D range is a great addition to our wobble clay shotgun sport range which opened in 2007,” said Brad Reed, Assistant Park Superintendent at Cacapon. “Our shotgun wobble clays range has been very popular with the local community and our overnight park guests,” Reed said. “The 3-D archery course has attracted new visitors to Cacapon and provides our regular customers another great recreational opportunity.”

Cacapon Resort is one of the West Virginia state park system’s traditional parks teetering on 21st Century trends. “It’s a park where eras collide says Reed. “On one hand, our lodge and cabins reflect the 1950s when families used state parks for reunions, vacation, and to visit. Today we balance our past and history, which includes Civilian Conservation Corps structures in almost pristine condition and still in use, with current trends and updates.” Some of those updates include wireless access, accessibility, and computerized reservations.

“Funny thing, I’ve always heard ‘the more things change, the more they stay the same’ and at Cacapon, people continue to find this park a destination to relax, get outside, and play,” said Reed. “It’s all about the getting away to someplace comfortable.”

The additions of the wobble clay and 3-D archery, as well expanded activities programs and nature center, hiking, horseback riding, and golf opportunities, invite renewed interest in a grand West Virginia state park.

The 3-D archery range is open seven days a week by reservation. It features 21 3-D foam targets featuring “game animals” native to West Virginia. The targets differ in styles and sizes from ground hogs all the way to the massive black bear. Shooting distances range from 15 to 40 yards. Customers must bring their own archery equipment. For more information or for reservations, call Cacapon Resort State Park at 304-258-1022 or visit online

Cacapon Resort State Park is in close proximity to the major population center of the east coast, as well as many scenic and historic features.

  • Washington, D.C., take the Beltway to I- 270 North, Merge onto I-70 West toward Hagerstown, Merge onto US – 522 South toCacapon Resort State Park.
  • From Interstate 81 (Winchester, VA) take U.S. Route 522 north 27 miles to the park.
  • From the north on Interstate 81 (Pennsylvania), take Interstate 70 west to Hancock, MD, then U.S. Route 522 south at Hancock, towards Berkeley Springs. The park is located nine miles south from the town of Berkeley Springs.
  • From the west on Interstate 68 to Hancock, MD, to 522 South towards Berkeley Springs. The park is located 9 miles south from the town of Berkeley Springs.

Cacapon (pronounced ka-KAY-pon) Resort State Park is so named because it sits within the shadows of a wide expanse of Cacapon Mountain, the highest peak in the eastern portion of the state at 2,300 feet. The mountain divides the landscape, with the park on the eastern slope and the Cacapon River winding along the base of the western slope.