Follow-Up to Anti Gun Attack in Wheaton, IL

ISRA ALERT – Follow-Up to Anti Gun Attack in Wheaton, IL

Illinois State Rifle Association
Illinois State Rifle Association

Wheaton, IL – -( The ISRA would like to say “thanks” to all the patriotic gun owners who attended the anti-gun “forum” in Wheaton, Illinois Tuesday night.

Unfortunately, the room in which the “forum” was held only has a legal occupancy of 175 persons. Well before the “forum” began, that capacity was exceeded by at least 50 persons. As a result, the fire chief ordered the room closed to new attendees. Unfortunately, that meant that several dozen of you were not allowed in to the hearing room. Nonetheless, the spirit of your support was felt by those who were seated in the room.

For those of you who have been to this sort of event in the past, what you heard from the anti-gunners was the same old song and dance. They claim to support the 2nd Amendment, yet push for the passage of laws that would make exercise of gun rights impractical if not impossible. They claim that they want only to keep guns out of the “…hands of criminals,” yet the legislation they support would register gun owners like sex offenders and ban and confiscate their guns as well. As you heard during the “forum,” the anti-gunners cite suspicious polling numbers to lay claim to widespread support for their gun control program – even among gun owners. If the gun control movement has such wide support, how come their supporters never show up for any events like that held Tuesday night?

For those of you who have never seen the anti-gunners in action before, Tuesday night must have been an eye-opener for you! It should be evident to you by now that the anti-gunners do not care about the facts. They cannot be reasoned with. No amount of “education” is going to change their minds. They are not interested in hearing what you have to say – as evidenced by their behavior Tuesday night. All they want to hear from you is an admission that YOUR guns are responsible for the murders committed in Chicago every weekend. They want to hear you apologize for daring to own a gun. They want to hear you say that you are ready to turn your guns in for destruction. That is what the anti-gunners want to hear from you.

The bottom line is this – members of the gun control movement hate you. They want to neutralize you politically. They will try to stigmatize you socially. They will seek to isolate you culturally. All that simply because you choose to own a gun. If Tuesday night convinced you of anything, it should be that there is no middle ground on this issue. The gun control movement has one objective, and one objective only – the prohibition of private firearm ownership. The only thing that stands in their way is you, the law-abiding firearm owner. Therefore, it is critical that you vigorously and forcefully defend your rights whenever they are attacked as they were Tuesday night.

Please Distribute This Alert To All Your Gun Owning Friends And Please Post To Any And All Internet Blogs Or Bulletin Boards To Which You Belong!

The mission of the Illinois State Rifle Association has not changed – only the challenges have become more taxing. One of the greater challenges, on the foreign front especially, is the way our enemies go about attacking us. The most troubling though are our domestic adversaries – they want to disarm the civilians of Illinois and to prevent us from shooting, hunting, collecting, or even owning a firearm.

The ISRA stands at the threshold of our second century, we are continuing to promote marksmanship and gun safety, but our role is widening beyond our Founders’ wildest dreams.

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Gene in Wheaton,ILL

Don't get the wrong impression by my FIRST sentence. I will not glorify GUNS, they are dangerous and deadly weapons. BUT, they are dangerous only to those who are unfamiliar, untrained and plain idiots who think they are "BANG" "BANG" toys, that can be left around for their kids to find them and cause an accident. Yes! I am Law abiding citizen, will protect the 2nd amendment and do own a revolver, pistol and two rifles and have great respect for the power that they possess. Yes! my two girls and my two grand- daughters are familiar and practice safe… Read more »