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West Michigan – -(’s featured Gun Blogger of the Month, for April 2009, is Shelby Murdoc of . has loads of info and articles on firearms politics, shooting sports and gun issues.

The GunPundits Shelby Murdoc
The GunPundits Shelby Murdoc Interview:

Q: What is your Blog’s Official Name?

Q: What is your Name?
A: Shelby Murdoc

Q: What is your Online Name that you may post under?
A: I usually just go by ‘Murdoc’

Q: Where are you located?
A: West Michigan, USA. Not everyone in Michigan is like people in Detroit.

Q: What is the point of view or purpose of your blog?
A: I wanted to set up a site that covered guns, gun politics, and gun issues. I’m also a freelance gun writer and wanted an online presence to help promote that.

Q: How long has your Blog been active?
A: GunPundit has been running since September 2007. I try to post at least a couple of times per day.

Q: Do you have a specific agenda or goal of your blog?
A: Well, GunPundit is decidedly pro-gun. The media is usually so biased against guns and gun owners that it’s tough to get a fair shake. If I can help keep gun owners aware of important gun news and issues, as well as keep them up to date on the latest and greatest guns and gear, I’ll consider it ‘Mission Accomplished.’

Q: Do you have any other digital sites?
A: Yes. I’ve blogged about military issues at Murdoc Online since 2003. ( I started up GunPundit so that Murdoc readers interested in guns could read that coverage without wading through articles on tanks, troop levels in Iraq, and nuclear submarines.

Q: What is one thing that you want your readers to know about you?
A: I’m a gun owner and (to borrow a phrase) I think it’s important that the right to keep and bear arms is not infringed.

Q: What was the best thing you did on your blog that go the most reaction from your readers?
A: Posting pictures and information about new guns and gear always gets some readers excited. Cool photos grab attention. And highly-anticipated products bring in a lot of people who are searching for more info.

Q: What was the worst thing you did on your blog that go the most reaction from your readers?
A: I posted a handy little graph from a local gun group that badly misrepresented the amount of gun violence in states with strict gun control compared to states with more relaxed restrictions. After the error was pointed out and I investigated further, I posted an update with correct numbers.

Q: Obviously since we are featuring you your blog is Pro gun?  What do you think the outlook is for the future of gun rights in America?
A: Yes, definitely pro-gun. I think gun rights have a generally bright future in America, but the next few years is going to be a real test to see if the gains over the past decade or so can be held and built on.

Q: What is your favorite firearm and why?
A:That’s a tough one. I enjoy the AR for modularity and the AK for the simplicity and reliability. I don’t think you have to be “one or the other.” I’ve also got a soft spot for the good old M1 Carbine. It’s a pleasure to shoot.

Q: What hunting or shooting sports hobbies do you have?
A: Though I live in Michigan, I’m not much of a hunter. Most of my shooting is either testing firearms and accessories or just plinking for fun. I don’t think anyone should need an excuse to go take a few cracks.

Q: Of the topics you cover what do you enjoy writing about the most?
A: I think I enjoy reading and writing about tactical-type guns and gear the most. The stuff is cool, field-ready, and currently very popular. It’s fun to shoot, and with popularity so high there is a massive stream of new guns and gear coming out every month.

Q: What things would you like to do or expand in your blog to in the future?
A: The main thing I’d like would be to just have more time to do more of the things I already do. Blogging regularly is a fairly large commitment, something that a lot of folks don’t understand. If I had time, I’ve always wanted to try out some podcasting and do more formal reviews of guns and gear on the site.

Q: What would you like to say to those that are anti gun or maybe just unsure of the purpose of guns in our society today?
A: Well, just the standard “when guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns.” There’s no magic wand to wave to make all the guns (or all the bad guys, for that matter) just disappear forever. Even with police, everyone is ultimately responsible for his or her own safety and the safety of their family and property.

Q: What parting remarks or comments you would like to make or promote?
A: There are a lot of great bun blogs, sites, and forums out there. Don’t read just one or two. The internet allows a lot of communication and sharing of ideas between people who are widely separated. All gun owners, whether they own for sport, hunting, protection, or just plain fun, should be on the same side. The proponents of stricter gun control always try to split the groups apart, so don’t fall for the lines about “it’s not YOUR guns I want to take.”

Shelby Murdoc’s GunPundit focuses on guns and gun issues.

Murdoc has blogged for six years and launched in 2007 to focus on the growing online community of shooters. He’s been a freelance gun writer and columnist since 2004, concentrating primarily on tactical firearms and accessories.

When not discussing, writing about, or shooting firearms, the 39-year-old is spending time with his wife and two kids in western Michigan.

Or surfing the world wide web.

Murdoc also writes regularly for Shooting Sports Retailer magazine and at Murdoc Online.


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