Hunt Comfort Announces Upgrade to FatBoy Lite

Hunt Comfort Announces Upgrade to FatBoy Lite

Hunt-Comfort-logoEvergreen, Alabama -(Ammoland)- Hunt Comfort is raising the performance bar on one of its most popular cushions, the FatBoy Lite, by improving its design and dropping its weight without increasing its cost. Not only is the FatBoy Lite Elite now 3 ounces lighter; it provides considerably more support thanks to a new premium three-cushion element similar to that used in the best-selling FatBoy. The new design improves the overall feel of the cushion, thus enhancing your time afield with a luxurious fit guaranteed to support your sit.

The best foam-technology seat on the market, the FatBoy Lite's cushion core contains an ultra-soft soft contact layer, which works like millions of tiny springs that actively support you while relieving the pressure from the weight of your body. The plush feel is unlike conventional foam found in other hunting cushions on the market. The FatBoy Lite does not flatten out or take on body impressions after extended use and is guaranteed to provide you with years' worth of hunting comfort.

Hunt Comfort Fat Boy lite
Hunt Comfort Fat Boy lite

Measuring 14″x16″x3″ but weighing less than 2 pounds, the upgraded FatBoy Lite is highly durable and resilient, and best of all, its lighter weight allows for easier transport and set up in the field.

The cushion shell is built with Comfort-TEX – Hunt Comfort's outdoor seating fabric in Mossy Oak Break-Up® Camouflage. Comfort-TEX's stretch properties reduce the harmful effects of shear force on the skin and optimize surface support. This waterproof, breathable fabric stretches and conforms to your body to ensure superb resting comfort. The FatBoy Lite Elite also incorporates an abrasion- and slip-resistant ToughTek bottom for improved durability.

The company's enduring confidence in the quality of its products is backed with a three-year warranty.

For more information on Hunt Comfort's quality products, call 888-757-3232,
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