Sisk Rifles To Offer Limited Edition Gun Series

Sisk Rifles To Offer Limited Edition Gun Series

SISK Rifles
SISK Rifles

Dayton, Texas – -(The Charlie has drawn from his 26 years of building custom rifles to create a brand new series, the Veteran Guildsman.

Each firearm in this category is built on components that Charlie’s customers have requested time and time again and have been proven to work.

All firearms are built one at a time, for one customer and are designed to be a working tool specifically for the job at hand.

Included in the limited edition series are:

  • The Point Five – A .308 caliber rifle built on time proven action and components. Limit of 20 rifles will be built.
  • The Perfect Ten – A one of kind rifle designed especially for women built on custom components. Limit of 10 rifles will be built.
  • The Competition Pistol – The most accurate pistol Charlie has ever built. In fact, it will outshoot most rifles. Limit of 5 will be built.

Because of Charlie Sisk’s knowledge and attention to detail he has quickly gained recognition within the custom gunmaking and hunting community as a high quality precision gunmaker. Through his own hunting experiences and by collaborating with respected industry experts, gun writers and professional hunters, Charlie has developed a knowledge base that allows him to assemble rifles that enable their owners to excel in the field.

Sisk Rifles is located in Dayton, Texas. For additional information call (936) 258-4984 or email [email protected] This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it . Sisk Rifles can also be reached by writing to 400 County Road 2340, Dayton, TX 77535. Sisk Rifles can be accessed online at